I want to do something I enjoy and have an impact
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Craft Food Classroom

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I want to do something I enjoy and have an impact


Eric and David sit down with Sonya Patel from PUR Spices to hear about her unique path to Central Kitchen through the Craft Food Classroom.  

As a food lover and mom of food allergy children, Sonya was sick and tired of spending hours scrutinizing food labels, wondering what was in my spices and sauces. All She wanted was to find fresh, healthy, and tasty cooking ingredients that didn't have a running list of additives, preservatives, fillers, and top allergens. And that's why she created PUR Spices Limited.

PUR Spices is a company that operates with the philosophy of using only wholesome ingredients to create exceptional experiences enhancing everyday foods. We make high-quality sauces and spices of international flavor.

"I've been obsessed with food my whole life." ~Sonya Patel








This podcast is brought to you by Hines,founded in one thousand nine hundred and twenty nine in Shaker Heights, Ohioby local butcher, Joe Hainan Hinan, is grown to twenty three total locations,with nineteen stores in the Cleveland area and four in the north shoresuburbs of Chicago. After years of building connection with Midwestfarmers, it became a part of Hyden's nature to do business with smallerregional companies to day Hinan is proud to carry nearly seven hundred midwest made non produce items that are present in all departments for moreinformation. Good Hinano welcome to the craft food classroom,podcast, where we help make food business simple at every stage ofgrowth brought to you by central kitchen media and now here's your host Eric Diamond. This is Er Diman David Miller, bringingyou the next episode of the Craft Food Classroom, the podcast David, how youdoing my friend, I'm doing I'm highly favor highly yeah yeah, I'm blessed, Ifeel like I'm blessed, but I you know I'm just going through some things.Lately, you are sitting here just fresh out of the yeah that is Charaton talkabout I just God how that come. It was a procedure yeah. They were in my mouth for three hours yeah. I know right, but it's all goodstuff and they have more work to do CA. I'm five weeks out. They gave mesomething temporary, all right, but they're going to get me together andthey promised me that my food eating experience will be elevated after that.Oh really, good is I'm looking forward to it. This is the first thing: We'vehad a tooth in a while hasn't it yeah we yeah yeah. Well, I had one. It was justbroke, Yeah Les Real Yeah. We are out here yeah. So today we have a specialguest super excited about this son. You Patel from pure spice. Are you doing higuys, thanks for having me how you been good, yeah, bitsy how's the summer gofor you. The summer was great kids broke in school? Yes, the kids are backin school. We did a couple markets, not too many just really enjoyed being withfamily yeah yeah. So we're going to talk all things pure spice, so whydidn't you tell us what it is sure? So we are a sauce and spice company,mostly Indian spices, and then we also have our very popular Harry so linewhich we have an original flavor. And then we haven't one in mint and then wehave one in Silan tro. We have a Masala paste, which is like an Indian it's asshould actually profits. It's not India and it's north Indian. Okay, the foodacross India varies by region, and so I'm from the North West, okay. So it'sa cooking pace that you could use as a base to make. You know: dishes likevenerae or chicken mackney or maybe like a Brian and just like you know,you can kind of just put it in anything that you want to have the flavors ofonion tomato, ginger, garlic or a Masala yeah. And then last year welaunched a dry spice company or like a dry spice line, partly because we ranout of bottles for our sauce couldn't get any JERYEAK. We Han't got anybigger bottles so as Ale all right. What are we going to do so? We launcheda dry lie, a dry spicelike and two that are more like sweet forward. In thesense you would use a more in desert like baking drinks and then three thatare more on the savory side awesome. So what did you sort the company? So weactually? I went through the incubator here in January, two thousand andnineteen and then right after lunch, the February two thousand n nineteenfile. Mit Paperwork got our first approval for our sauces in May twothousand and nineteen O yeah. It's been crazy. I can't believe that's onwhatever two years, but does no just kind of like one. That's really yeah, Idon't know Yeah Cobi doesn't count all...

...bedesman for you being in the trenchesit does but yeah. I remember you coming on board. I nineteen and you'veaccelerated so fast and think on to watch as absolutely incredible to watch.So you were one of our clients that went right to the Amazon way. What awhat you know, spark that and being how's it going for you yeah yeah, sopart of the reason I went straight to Amazon was because I launched in thebeginning of summer and a lot of times the big markets take their applicationsin the winter. The season before I missed the entire vote on that I didn'thave a product. I didn't have anything I, and so I wasn't able to get intomarkets really. I got into a couple smaller ones, but I had inventorybecause we had produced a nos like ar what am I going to do with this, and Ihave a lot of friends who actually live outside of Cleveland area, so like NewYork, Chicago La because I lived in all those different places, and so for me,going into Amazon was the one way that I could get it into the hands of myfriends. So I and it's been so I have so I'll say that say itthis way, so while coved sucked, obviously from like production and lifeand everything for all that perspective, it was actually phenomenal for foodbusinesses that were doing able to do business online, because people were athome. People were cooking and people were willing to spend extra money onfood ingredients because they weren't eating out re restaurants. So I was youknow I was blessed in that sense that, like Amazon, sort of the reason why mybusiness blew up over the L and like, I think why our growth was so accelerated,so fat, that's very cool, yeah kind of like sweet timing, though you say youmissed the season, but you kind of fell right into a sweet spot, yeah so David.I know you're a big believer in like opportunities and they come up. So youknow, like I yeah, and so I kind of have the same feeling that you know Ialways feel like. If, if one thing doesn't work out, there's always it'sbecause something else is waiting there for me and like yes, it sucked gettingrejected from markets or people not responding to my calls, but clearly itwas for a reason right like there was something else there for me, absolutelythat's cool. So what was the inspiration behind those sauces? So acouple things so the hot sauces were purely for my husband and his family.They crazy spicy food. Having lived in New York, we ate a lot of MiddleEastern food and when we came back here there was just not a good sauce that wecould find on the store in the store shelf. So I started making that first.Actually, the Indian spices are truly for my Kiddos, so they both have foodallergies and I don't let them eat things from India that are processed inIndia intros, because their manufacturing processes are not asclear or here and now they actually do put. You know proper labeling in terms oflike the ingredients and then it might have been in a facility that producesand things like that but like before they did it and so having dry spice blends. You don't know,what's in it right like you've, no idea where they processed it pro yeahexactly and then the Masala pace is actually something that I use, likeliterally on a like weekly basis at our house, really in general for yeah.That's like that's what I cook with no you're Vigean, I am, I am vegetarian-Is Rust your family yeah I'll, very cool, but our products go great with me so to be a that is exactly true. It'sfunny, though, because we have a son with severe allergies and it'sinteresting because he eats a lot healthier than anybody. He knows,because you know we're making everything from scratch. He gets a lotof vegetables because he always jokes. He he's like a forty year old man, yeahgrilled, chicken and salad. Does his go to yeah well On. That was a big thingfor me to like. I you know if you ever read whether it's sauces spices, justlike everything, is crazy process right and same thing, my kiddos don't eat alot of that stuff because I can't- and so even with our with our brand, I made a reallyconscious of for, like I don't want, you know like I don't want processthings, I don't want artificial, flavors, fillers and so like we havelike pure lemon as coming from France.

I have like you know like it's likereal, real real ingredients. Man Yeah, you could actually recreate it at home.You wanted to wanted. There's no random. You know like chemistry happening inthat respect. I overheard my son having his conversation a few days ago, withhis best friend and his friend was saying: He couldn't wait to havelunchables again it and said I've never had a once wow'slike what. How could you be a kid? I never had ahave any sales not left out. I reserve comment for there's nothing wrong with it.Every everyone has their own. You know life and lifestyle a right thing. Solet's go back. What got you? Where did you grow up? I grew up in Solanaceaeand born and race left for ten years lived in New York, La Boston wow andhave been obsessed with food. My whole life had you good, yes yeah. So wasyour family big in a cooking yeah? My mom is huge into food like her. Herside of the family is really big into food and she's, a phenomenal cook. Wecan't be in the kitchen together, though I no, it doesn't work. No, no.She had like I'm neurotic, but she's like, like literally like she has aruler when she's chopping, her vegetables again is crazy, like youcan't I for her and I've sort of taken that on which I feel bad amount, butlike as a kid yeah like I grew up watching so before food network wascool like I actually used to watch, you know, like I'm rolling men and like allthese people that are sort of around still, but not really, and I would tryto recreate tises vegetarian versions or the things that they made. So Iwould just you know, tinker in the kitchen and yeah like I've. beenobsessed with food, my whole life- I through you, know that that goes back.I remember those early days of food network and I used to watch the nakedchef with yeah me all of that and he had gone on to become. You know who'sthis like teenage kid back, the the earlyis yeah and now he's just you knowworld I own chef, but yeah. Those were the days. I think it's really cool, soyou kind of had this love of Holy Food in you and then along the way. Youstarted a non profit too. I do so. I have. I have a non profit here inCleveland called on Work Yoga, so we bring Yoga mindfulness to inner cityschools. I have that I was a consultant before that. I have a master's oneducation, so I don't know. I think I'm one of those people that you know Iwanted I whatever I do. I want to do something I enjoy and I have an impactYe. So that's to me those are the two things that matter the most yeah be.That is important. That is what we recently interviewed: Burmans Mustard,Michael mince and his same thing. You know you know, have to have passion inyour heart yeah to do something right and then, if you do, you should do it.So that's yeah, that's really cool! We are going to take a quick break for oursponsors will be back, as is Eric a David bringing you the craft foodclassroom, the podcast honey comb. Credit is proud to sponsorour friends at central kitchen, who are dedicated to sharing the stories ofCleveland entrepreneurs crafting the city's food legacy, with a track recordof working with Cleveland small businesses such as go Buddha, Pope's,kitchen and Levin. Bakery honeycomb has become a one, stop shop and helpingentrepreneur scale and grow. Now that the food industry is pacing forward,honeycomb is here to support you by unlocking capital, increasing consumerengagement and marketing. Your local brand find out more at honey combcredit com grow. We are back craft food classroomsponsored by Hynes. This is your in hides right. I am that's very cool, sowhat product you have behind it, so you can find our original Aresa and ourMasala paste cool. So what is next roper spice wow a lot of excitingthings actually so, which I'm actually the most excited about, so we actuallysigned our least to come here, er own...

...or on Pye. It was actually a five yearplan, but it happened a lot faster yeah. No, but it's a good thing. I'm reallyexcited about having my own equipment and being able to produce when we needto- and you know kind of growing and we actually have a new product coming outto a so. It's called Pole, fire yeah, it's really good and and actually we're doing production onit on Saturday. So yeah. What were you? What will you do with it like a Vera?It's a sauce, so it can be a marinade or sauce. It has chipotle. It'll haveguajio and Arbel Chili, some Salandra so think about it as like, either yeahlike a marinade or if you, if you've ever had like Tofu bowls like like this hath Wessieor even just like Thar. Together with some sour cream as like a quick saucerdressing, it's actually really good. That's a o! So would you look aroundCleveland? Where are you some of your favorite places to eat at Ghokal? So I mean it's really reallydependent on quisine? Okay. So my are we really like Luca, actuallylike for Italian right for Italian food. There's a small hole in the wild placecalled INERAT Bonita, that's in Solan that we really like. We don't Oleenough. We don't eat out much because of my kids allergie. So like it'susually like my husband and I go out together, we're still looking for aconsistently good Indian restaurant. She. Ah, she was really good for fastcash cos bit like sit down. There's been a lot of turnover in a lotof the restaurants, so it's arly hard to get yeah. I Love Coco's bakery, I'm a huge bubble.Tea Fan, so I usually treat myself mid production to but yeah. Those are some of myfavorites. That's very cool! What do you like cooking at home? We doso we have like a rotation. So it's basically Indian food twice a week.Okay, because that's all my kids will like they're happy with, unless, if wehave finer, which is like an Indian caught it like a homemade Indian cheesesimilar to, I would say like Hallum- oh sure sure yeah like I wouldsay it's like that- consistency, because it doesn't break up ar so if ithas paneer in it, they'll eat it every day, but I like can't eat vaneer every day and the same with my husband, so weusually do Indian twice. We do Italian once Mexican once on that Asian, oh,very cool, silly, like yeah, we have a rotation, that's cool! You know that Iknow huse recipes, so we usually don't have the same thing twice like in life,because it's usually just throwing what we have together. That's these arehusband like to cook. No, he does not clock he likes to eat,though he likes to eat, hell, make pasta for the kids he'll make pizza forthe kids he makes like the decent girl cheese. That's lit like when you say he makes pizza. Is itopen a box and put it in the oven or he'll? Do Yeah like we got a premadegloom, free cross he'll hit the sauce on it and hell, but she's on it. A coolput it on. I act if dad he's like crazy, active and everything else, but againI'm a little territorial over my catch over my knives yeah, you you're thebusiness, though the F, and I like it to me it's my stress, relief yeah,that's her! I love cooking apes kind of the same way. I think we both use it asa stress, yeah, yeah T. I don't know what I would do if I wasn't able toknow like if, for whatever reason, like God forbid, but if you couldn't like mywife, cooks and she's a good cook, so it helps that we're able to alternateyea same, but I really enjoy it yeah I really enjoy it like. I look forward togoing home and- and it's got to the point where the kids are like Hey dad.Could you make this for a like that? I wish they were more healthy options,but t were working towards it. You know last year during the the pandemic, ourkids did a pandemic pod. So ten as...

...families got together, and we werefortunate enough that one of the families parents was able to offer ahome for the kids to use, and I actually made all of the lunches forthen a yeah. So every day, four days a week, they had a healthy lunch that wassourced a lot of ingredients from overland food hub and the food out ofhere, and my son said the only thing bad about school dead is you're, notcooking. Four, it was very satisfying, I will say bythe end of the year, I was burnt out of cooking that much every day, because Iwould also then make dinner, because my wife was one of the teachers at theschool, and so I was working from home, so I would always just go to thegrocery store. I had to pick up the stuff for the school anyway. I'd pickup something for dinner. I Made I was doing all of the cooking. My wife islike I didn't remember what the inside of a grocery store look like tin. I hadbeen there in like in a year and you have, I don't know, do you get planningfatigue a little bit as what to make exactly yeah, like my kids joke,because we'll be eating like breakfast and I'm like okay, what are you on forto they're like mom, we're like not even done with our food? Yet you knowlike yeah, so we definitely got through planning fatigues yeah. We do to yeahto so what advice do you have for people starting out like you did a fewyears ago, so go for it y p. You know I kind of walk back and forth and Iwasn't sure if I was going to I had like a milestone in my head, that I waslike okay. If this happens, then I'll do it and luckily it happens and if ithadn't happened, I don't know if I would have gone for it or not yeah like so. It was basically if I hadwon the pitch contest, that was it really yeah yeah like if I win that I'mgoing for it. If I don't, I don't know, I don't know if the I or not yeah yeah, the other thing is like seek out, seekout health and support. I will say, having been in various industries inCleveland, the food scene is like the food. People are amazing and not to say the non profit. Peoplearen't, but I really do feel like it's a family and it's such a collaborativeeffort and every like it's nice to be a part of something where people want youto succeed. I it's and I think some of the other other industries where startup to working is not always like well yeah there, and especially in that likenon profit, is very territorial, and it's like wait well On. Why are you anyou know, kind of invading what I yeah and, like tack, is the same way.There's yeah it's! You know it's interesting. We started you know theback, then was a Cumann lunching kitchen in two thousand and thirteenand one of the things that we didn't anticipate but has been the biggest andbest surprise is the community that or everybody is willing, is willing tohelp, and you know some of the older members like Hark Pope, who will havean episode here in the future. He still, you know, gives his time toanybody who needs help right to spend an hour on the phone with somebody whorandomly called them out of the blue to say: Hey I've seen your product. Howdid you do this right right and were I mean some of us are playing in the likeliterally the same faces right, maybe competing for the same self shelf space,but I think we all have our own nitches and I think I think if we all growtogether, then if it's beneficial for everybody, you know- and it's just it'sgreat for Cleveland to Right. So we've talked about this. You know a big techcompany that jump start supports when they get a big funding. They leaveright levelin right, but you know you look at someone like Cleveland Kitchen,formally Cleveland crowd, you know they're doing twenty million dollars insouth Croud sales and all that money is coming back coming back right, exactlywhich is amazing, amazing, to see yeah or I smell some an. I sell some reallygood food that our STA chef, Berry, Jarvis, is putting together we're goingto take a quick break and then come back and sample. Some food sounds good.This is margave bringing you the craft food classroom, the podcast sponsoredby Hind. This is Erican David. We are back withSonia Patel. We are about to try some awesome food, so Berry Jarvis, aresidente chef here, has whipped up...

...this amazing street pack, but yeah itlooks delicious everywhere. You look is just food falling off of into the plateright now, he's plating up some field, Roast Cha Potley plant base sausage andhe's going to top that with a little some grilled vegetables. That he's done,one like some corn and some peppers and he's hit that with the pure spice GreenChutney. Yes, and on top of that, he made a chip. He made a Heris Caso thathe is stopping it with. Oh, my just about to go yeah, it's not to get downhere. Let's go, I don't know what I am today, I'm I vegetarian or I yeah, I'mjust hoping your ten hethe should stay in at least five weeks. I hope theydidn't tell me, though you are careful with the Tomic yeah and like pastasauce, because I could stain. Oh really. I think you might have a yellow toothfor a mint for like five weeks and this or all right, but but this dig in here,and so also we've got this wonderful drink that you made yeah. So I made youguys a mango talk about a spice to mango lesse, so mange, lesse or leslieis a yoga drink and it comes in all different flavors. So I made atraditional one with fresh mango yogurt and then I actually spiked it with ourmilk Masala, which it sounds confusing, there's actually no dairy in our millMozello. No, it's the! So! If you've ever heard of like atumor a late right, so it's the spices that go in a drink like that to makeyou know like so it's Tumeric, ours has tumor Ike. It has black pepper cornsthat has cinnamon. It has cardamum and then we add a touch of pure vanillabean who yeah. So that's it's really good! So and yes I'll blend it up witha little bit of I added a little maple Teru, just for a little bit ofsweetness, I'm gonna bite into this yeah sheers. Try to thank you very, Oh, my God, O has so good. MME really good. I can taste such a pollebat was thatHerisau was a mome. It's really yeah. It was amazing. So there's a lot of things happeningright here, the really aloof as Indian people. We do. We Ha. Let me clarify.We do spicy right, which, like a lot of flavors, not always hot, though I wayeah, which is very good, very flavor for yeah, my from my mouth, it's a very diversified. Now what O, with your Grin Tray? Whatwould you make with that? So we use it more as a like a finishing salt. Ohreally M, it has black salt in it, okay, which has that, like sulphur smile yea,so I actually made you guys are salad too. So there's it's just like tomatoes,cucumbers and chick pies, and so I usually use it like as a finisher forsalads or like if you're doing, like grilled things like Kabobs or somethinglike that, sprinkle it on there. No that's what we are like in the yogurt.It tastes really good with Okar too cool. These are super super superflavorful that Harisah my son, puts at Haris onhis eggs. Every morning loves a hat really, which one Aden Sammy Sam, allokay, so I was going to say if the little kids are doing, no man no sameputs that right, tom scrambled digs for breakfast and throw that right on thereand yet he's like it's fo. You know he sent me a list before he went back to oyou of all the products from the kitchen that he wanted me and thehorison sauce was on there. I was Tellin one of our interns about it andhe came back the next day and was like it really is good. It's good it'lldefinitely wake you up, it's like for me. It's like you know they a coldshower right. It's like the cold shower and get you get you going fitness onceyou take a bite of it, and I mean it really does get you going in thatthere's just enough heat like it's...

...a t, great yeah and I think a lot of Ilove Indian food. So does my wife, but a lot of people are afraid of Indianfood because they think it's going to be super super hot right and itactually like the the food we eat at home is nothing like what you get inrestaurants, like we don't put cream in our cood on a daily basis, and a lot ofIndian restaurants use a lot of butter and cream. So you think it's very heavy,I would say south Indian food. If you were to find southen food, that's alittle bit closer to what a sot the new person might eat at home. MINUS, likethey actually eat that for breakfast or lunch versus at night for dinner, butthe north Indian food for shore. That's like super lavishly. We don't. We don'teat like that on a normal basis and it doesn't always have to be crazy. Spicyright, I mean it's crazy hot. I think spicy, yes, because of a lot of flavorlike Margarita, a bland that goes into our Masala paste, as well as ourmarchmill there's thirteen spices in there just to make that black right. Soit's like it's a lot of e flavors that go together, but everything doesn'thave to be hot. This yogurt drink you say: Yogurt drink,so yogurts a consistency or is it like a like a legit? It's like plain yogurtin there. Oh really yeah and just lend it up it's like and you can make anyflavor so a lot of times. In the summer time people will drink this of it'ssuper hot, outside and they'll actually add like a little bit of salt and alittle bit of human in it. So don't make it sweet like no sugar right oryou can make it sweet with, like just sugar and like if you want to add fruitto it. An it's like. I said it's very similar to the kaffer that, like Ithink, Turkish people drink well, it's like all similar regions in terms ofclimate, and so it's like it's a nice cooling, a especially when you'reeating spicy food right right now. This is good and super simple. My kids lovethis. Actually, this is like one of their. You know, because it's not likethere's no, like actual like process sugar in it, a healthy, a good. It'ssmooth, yeah like natural, yeah, exactly or exactly yeah. So we can findwhat products of yours and highness yeah so it highnes. You will find ouroriginal Haris and our Masala paste cool. Where can they find you on theweb? So all of our products are available on our website and that's www,P r, spices, and then you can also find us on Amazon and all of our productsare on Amazon as well very cool. Well, this has been awesome visiting with youlike why I been cool watching your success. UATO years has you're just soa wonderful person as well, and so a love to have you as part of ourcommunity and thanks or allowing us to sample some of this amazing food. Thankyou to bury for making it yeah thanks for now, thank you for having us and Itruly man what I said where the the food community that you guys arebuilding is invaluable in such a huge asset to Cleveland. To So, thank youfor doing what you guys doing to and thank you Hinan shut out to Hins Fur,the Gran now the the podcast and yeah it's been great. I've been exposed togreat food. My teeth stay in. I get to enjoy this drink that I'mgoing to try to take home and have my wife make up Leimon. LOOK THIS UP YEAH!I can give you the rest e all right until next time. This is Ericand David, bringing you the craft food classroom, the podcast peace thanks for joining on the craft foodclassroom, podcast, where we help make food business simple at every stage ofgrowth brought to you, five central kitchen media, to learn more about whatwe're doing visit us at the central dot kitchen. Please subscribe to thispodcast to learn more about food entrepreneurs and their experience inthe craft food business. This podcast is brought to you by Hines,founded in one and nine hundred twenty nine. In Shaker Heights, Ohio by localbutcher, Joe Hinan Hinan is grown to twenty three total locations, withnineteen stores in the Cleveland area and four in the north shore suburbs ofChicago. After years of building...

...connection with Midwest farmers, itbecame a part of Heyden's nature to do business with smaller regionalcompanies to day hynes is proud to carry nearly seven hundred mid westmade non produce items that are present in all departments for more information,go to Hinano.

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