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If they're doing it, I can do it


Tina Chamoun brings her huge flavors into the kitchen for this episode. Eric and David get to learn all about Za'atar, including how to pronounce it. Tina is the founder of Terranean Herbs & Spices and Your Lebanon and was recently named among the top 40 under 40 by Arab America Foundation.



This podcast is brought to you by Hines,founded in one thousand nine hundred and twenty nine in Shaker Heights, Ohioby local butcher, Joe Hainan Hinan, is grown to twenty three total locations,with nineteen stores in the Cleveland area and four in the north shoresuburbs of Chicago. After years of building connection with Midwestfarmers, it became a part of Hyden's nature to do business with smallerregional companies to day Hinan is proud to carry nearly seven hundred midwest made non produce items that are present in all departments for moreinformation. Good Hinano welcome to the craft food classroom,podcast, where we help make food business simple at every stage ofgrowth brought to you by PC bank and centralkitchen media, and now here's your host Eric Diamond. This is Erican Davi, bringing you thenext episode of Craft Food Classroom, the podcast David. How you doing my oI'm doing good, I'm focused right now. Are you yeah? Are you in the Zim in thezone, how you doing man do ant on blessin holly favor, but man, as was so.I must have been gone for a while gone for a while with that love that I lovethat blest and highly favorite favor is not fair. It's not fair! It's not fair!It's like it's, not fair. It's not fair for our guest yeah to be sitting here,yes and we're, and and here's the thing about it. We have a special guest. Hername is Tina, help yo Mo Sho. There we go. I've been off air, been trying tofigure this out. That's why I say I'm focused and she is the owner and thefounder of terranean herbs and spices, and you are going to have to tell me alittle bit more about this and please say the name, because I've been gaffing.This get name up. Okay, it's called Zat a that's, so sound so good when you sayit does sound so good. What is that tar so is that that is the name of an herbthat is native to eleven time regions, and I get mine specifically fromLebanon, it's wild time, and it's also the name of the blend that we use it inusing no that's interesting yeah. So is that that is the actual erb and Zat.That is the blunt and in the blend we have toasted sesame seeds Sumac, whichis a wild barry, a dried wild berry and a little bit of salt with the outside,topping it all together, that's excellent! So when did you start thecompany and December of two thousand and nineteen is when my launched onlineokay, but I started the company like officially started working on it,probably in late Folvo San Nineteen. What got you interested? Well, I go toLobon every summer, I'm Lebanese, so I came back from Lebanon in July of twothousand and nineteen and I was actually at a local restaurant and theywere using Zate an American restaurant. They were using Zat that I'm like Ohthat's, fun, okay and then later that week I saw a lot of big name chefs onfood network and other places using Zato, and I said: Okay: Where does theaverage American consumer get their hands on Satap? Fine, you have it onAmazon, you have it online sure, but when you go to local grocery stores,specifically here in Ohio, where I was looking and then a few other localMidwest states, I realized that none of them carried at that at the time. Butyou'd have like your Italian blands. You have an entire Mexico. You know thesection of Mexican food right, but you know is that something that's so it'ssuch a staple and Middle Eastern homes. We all have it. We come back fromtraveling abroad with suit cases full of outside. Our clothing smells like itfor a week week and it's not a complaint funny, but so it's beginningto pick up. I realized- and I said, okay well, why don't? We have anauthentic product? Youre authenticity really depends on the person, so thisproduct is authentic to me, depending on where you're from from Lebanon, afrom north Lebanon, I'm you know it's a recipe that I was familiar with,because it's from my village near mine, like the ones I enjoyed when I wasgrowing up, my Panma used to make us from ish all the time you visited. So Igo lovin on a lot. Fortunately, I'm lucky to do that. For you, my hundredand four year old grandma really makes...

...us nice, yes, she's, throw away that isthat's razing. My entire family is here right now visiting her and my dad mysister, my mom, my aunts and uncles are all there with her. So Oh my gosh, thatis that's a blessit, learn how to say it right. So you started in twothousand and nineteen you said in line I launched down line, train or B sitcam great, and then how did you get in hehing? So, oh well, hines was my goalwas like I love Hinan Yeah. I was living in Bavile at the time, so Icould always gore the Babel at China's Yeh and like they've everything here. Ireally love it. I feel, like the you know, the consumers here would reallyenjoy it and they actually ended up getting picking up a Atar product a fewmonths after I launch my company. So when I went in in two thousand andtwenty to try and sell them on my product, I the few things I had to honein on it's a sat or blend it's authentic in a woman, known business, Ihave you know, spreads also because a lot of people are becoming familiarwith that Ar, as I mentioned, I tried it t at yard, house yea other shopswere using it, but they weren't using it with extra version olive oil, theway that we enjoying it yeah. So I said well, let me go ahead and I'll makethis product it's. Hopefully I think I hope you guys think it's beautiful, Ithink or it it's absolutely beautiful. The the the jar will put some on the onthe site, but it's it's Sunning to look at it. It's like craftsmanship is Il tofind these jars are made in Italy, so really Italian Luggash people like torepurpose them, which is what I was hoping people can be used the jars, butI wanted to make a product that was attractive so that people who weren'tfamiliar with Tatha would look at it and be like wow. This is reallybeautiful. You know what I'll give it a try, a yeah. It's like suspendedanimation. Yes, it is, and then there's the ZATAHOB. So I actually work withJasmine distributing Jasmin Bakery they're, my co packer, okay and theymake the fresh Peter Bread that you enjoy at Aladdin, Zider and Raza, andSitus Boas and numerous restaurants Middle Eastern restaurants here in Ohio.So I started working with them to make the Zachar Peter Chips, big, PeterChips, and that's actually the first thing that I brought up to Heine.Really, yes, so actually Matt Shelly! I began pestering him. I guess you couldsay bugging Ham, he's a bier O ye at Hian's. So in March, or so I reachedout to him, he tried them, he really loved them, and then I went to followup in the summer a few months later, because I still had to figure out myinsurance on their details and how to grow because, again, like I had juststarted doing those- and I wanted to make sure the bakery had the capacityto keep up with what hiens would be ordering right right. So I reached outagain, but my email never went through. Oh my God, I set I'm like a t like themthat much be nice, so I we out again in October and I'm like you know what Ihave to follow up again with this and he's like. Oh my gosh. I never got youremail. I you know there was like something happened or whatever and he'slike okay, but you know our busy seasons coming up, so you mean thebuyers at that time are preparing for holidays like Ober Yep how's it goingto bring out a new proproctor. I'm like okay. I understand you know my fallshere followed up sooner and I'm very not new to this is my first, yourtrying to get into stores. So I sent him a link. I'm like okay. Well, I wason Nuda Cleveland this week. If you want to see more about my products here,watch this link right and apparently he thought it was like entertaining andhe's like. Okay, let's just set up a call for tomorrow and get this goingand then we a hed and picked him up, which he really didn't have to do again.It was like the holiday season like preparing for holidays and stuff, so hepicked him up. We loch during the pandemic and doing the pantages that'sto good last kind of source, a right and like flour- and I don't knowwhat else and he still picked it up this sex we launched in November andthen Kim Hin ens. I started talking to her she's. Another buyer obviously cansits on our board. Oh Great Yeah, Nice just talk to her yesterday, shut outthe Campina Yeah T, O Hinche brought up my she brought on my Atar spreads andthe Shaker Jars in March, a crap all the products at all. Nineteen O hiensin Ohio. Oh Excellent! That's so that's great! That's supergracious! So your copacker is Jasmine. Distributing my...

...favorite aladdins entree that I get isJasmine's favorite with chicken me sweet. Is that yeah? Is that, likerelated somehow yeah? Okay, I'm s like so e distributing? Actually it's thebakery it was made after ladens was, you know a Startin, I n nine tune andninety four, because my father in law, Faddy Shaman. He wanted to keep up withthe the bread and the products that he needed to for the restaurants to by therestaurants. So we opened the bakery and started making bread for hisrestaurants, and then people loved it so much so he began selling his breadat local, Middle Eastern stores or expanding outside of that so jazmindistributing an land cetry and that I mentioned there's a few of therestaurants. Yes, but boys and right. They also the Peter Bread, so who'sJasmine. You know what I don't know: Okay, gotell you what t you know what is so, you guy good sure the friend O o righthere? Oh yes, that's I and that's actually a picture of my mother in lawsale and I just found that out like recently I'm like who is this. So whatis this I like the crow we have this on here and then I went to their house onthe basement. There's the actual picture, like not the the art one, likethe actual that maybe that's j, that's very cool! So right now, you've got thespice plans and what's next on your agenda, that you want to bring out soactually I also have with my mother in Law Sally so she's, the one that madethe recipes at Lanctre yeah. So she made a spice line of Medita spices likeoccasion spice that chicken spice salmon seafood spice different spicesthat we still want a gift packet and online over also have that that we'reworking on good for you, so how's business going it's good yeah. It'sgood we're currently in sixty five locations in northeast Ohio, for you,one of them's in Boston. We're looking at a couple major online me tailorsthat I'm, I can't announce it sue sure. It's coming up the next couple monthsthat I actually got connected with through we bank have you heard of thewoman usines enterprise, the Tal Counsel Yeah. So I'm a certified oneown business and they connected me with a couple major retailers that arecurrently considering my products. One of them definitely bringing it onforward for September. FINES COS good for ye because for you, that's kind ofa big deal for US yeah and we're also on Christopher Kimballs Milk Street. Sothat was a big deal for us, because people really looked to him and hiscommunity for products that are really good. So we sold out of our zatorspread in the first few days, really of them watching it so good for you- and Imean I didn't you know I didn't come up with Sachetti or something that MiddleEasterners enjoyed forever and there's even a couple products. I realized,after I launched mine on the American market. People have been sawing it, butagain, what's unique about mine is the blend. It's the high qualityingredients that I use. It's imported extra version all Eve oil importedLebanese Sata with no fillers, which means I don't have dried chick piece. Idon't have wheat, I don't have random seasonings in my blond, so it's justauthentic high qualities at that and I put it in a cute package. That's itit's awesome. The labeling is beautiful. Who did your labeling, who designed yeah R designer Catherineat Lanctre? Oh good, for that's beautiful, so I give her what I wanted.The Palate you know give her some ideas. This is actually how south her looks.If you look at the bottom, there's that flowers, not that actually flowers andyou you know- oh that's- gorgeous- wish you had a photo to show you, but that'swhere we got the inspiration for the in like right. There yeah right the bottom,but look at that too, and that's cool. So we are going to take a break andyou're going to prepare some food for that. We're going to take so we aregoing to take a break for our sponsor honey, come credit and we will be backand try some delicious food looking forward to it all right. This is Ericand David. We are bringing you the craft food classroom, the PODCAST. Wewill be back honey. Comb credit is proud to sponsorour friends at central kitchen, who are dedicated to sharing the stories ofCleveland entrepreneurs crafting the city's food legacy, with a track recordof working with Cleveland small...

...businesses such as go Buddha, Pope's,kitchen and Levin. Bakery honeycomb has become a one, stop shop and helpingentrepreneur scale and grow. Now that the food industry is pacing forward,honeycomb is here to support you by unlocking capital, increasing consumerengagement and marketing. Your local brand find out more at honey combcredit com grow. This is Eric David, bringing you thecraft food classroom, the PODCAST. We are back with Tina. She whipped us upsome amazing things that we were about to try so give us give us a give us aplate. We got this beautiful plate in front of us. What do we have herebeautiful? So I used our tenian herbs. Zat Spread to make you a ZacateSandwich and all you do is you mix the spread and then right down the middleof the Peter Bread you make a line with the Zator, make sure you put at least afew tablespoons of it and spread it out, and then I layered it with slicedtomatoes with slice cucumber. You can also admit, and if you're familiar withLebby, it's a thickened cream. It's very savory. You can add that as well.Olives, different vegetables can be added to it as that, a great a that is so good, first fate, and then that is so fresh. Yes, ittastes like health health. It does taste like Altini so good. It is reallyhealthy. People don't realize that that's very help and you're using extraversion. Ali Oil and the Zator itself is full of essential thy Mal oils andthen the SUMAC has more anti accidents than blueberries. Really yes, so if youGoogle, help benefits of Tata all this, all these articles come out becauseagain it's getting popularity. It's getting women. Some people are, writinga that's why your grand as a hundred and four years old, that's right andthat's this, like the elder berry, a et yeah, the there you go. Well, I meanMeditatin. Food is just healthy. To begin with. Yeah I mean everything isjust so so good. This is delicious, this absolutely licious. What elsewould you put it on the Ateth I love to have it with. I mean some not sohealthy thing O, like French fries, really o Youse to try it with the French fries.We make him a tonight, okay, and actually you can get them at Boazand Taza. They have such a phrase there m over the road yeah. If you ever wantto try it and then go home and be like hey. I can make this to make it my onmake it what Tinos that a go to manins and pick it up. Yeah you're making. Areyou making all the restaurants use your stuff going forward? They are usingthis Suchar blind, excellent. Yes, as so, actually these fattushis we canmove on to those group. Those are a little smaller. I broke them up becauseI was going to use them on the Futu Salad, but those are also used atAladdins, the the lands for two ships, Peter Chips, and you can find theZachariah Ahina and you can also find the spicy ones we make right. So goodridiculous is a crazy good and it's fresh. The crunch is just amazing- ismy micon folks yeah a one to Yeahs is amazing. I turn o a little bit fat andpeople like to dip dip. The Sitar trips again in the Lubnimentioned, but also in Hamas and Babica Nug, with different types of dips.They've been using it a lot on trace boards. People are now offering that ArPeter Chips for snacking instead of regular potato chips, so so much halterfor you I'd give this to my kids as a daytime snack Ye. Oh my kids eat somuch I mean that's probably what attracted them before I came hereprepared to spread a stuff tring with me, and then they lit out like half ofthem. I got right into it. I was like I have to go. What are you doing? I'mgoing to try the spicy. What is in what makes this one spicy can. Where that go,I and we also, we really like to have thespices out char chips with feda cheese like you put feta and then put thechips on top of it toss it up. You can...

...add tomatoes, tomato onion, fed cheeseand some of these crunched up zattere out a little drizzle of exhibition allhome, because my wife always says everything's better with fete. Ibelieve it you can make a fed up hie like actually what we have here. I gaveyou guys a an Usha okays, a Middle Eastern flat bread, partly this againMushim. Yes, man, Ushak now. What is that so half of it has that that, butusually you can make it just at that. Yes, that's how you do it. Oh you foldit up a that con. Okay, you Gheriah together! So on the other side, it'slike a cheese variety, not the cheese, and then you beat them together. That'slike the best cheese Sandwich Abrade you can also do fedes. I was going tosay you can make them an ushe with you can do a feta base and then add theZacato it with the tomatoes and onions, some olives clamato all lips on there.I'm kind of addicted to this yeah, so you're doing all the work for peoplewith this here. This is amazing. It's rainy to go, get ready to go youselling these. We sell those at jazz and distributing people, don't realizewe have a store front there ogre. So I didn't know that were the Barelo atedone O undred and seven Brio road in Cleveland, excellent, the border liquid,Hey, that's right here at the bottom, it's has been distributing Yep Gotchaone, so so they make the Peter Breads fresh. There I mean this. Is I pickedup the Patebat and came right over it's wonderful. When are you going to beable to sell these in his? Oh, I don't know, can Dankai now right! These aredelicious, is a mazing. Absolutely everything is Promota, you thinking, sothese are just recipes that you kind of grew up with yes. So traditionally, asI mentioned before the way, we grew up enjoying Zat, that was with extraversion, olive oil, but right now it's expanded. So much people are having apasta again, the French fries. You can make it with big vegetables likecauliflower and carrots. Another great thing people are using it for its eggs.Yes, I could see that other egg. So Oh, it's so good that you guys banging, andit's so good on a my kids call him dip it eggs and it looks like what she hasthere so sit up ex yeah, and I can imagine just dipping that in there, soyou could do both. You can do this at to shake your on there or you can dothis at car spread awesome. And so what would you put the zator shake aroundI'd put on Salads? Okay, it's actually very good with salads any kind of Greekthemes, it again. The Feta that I mentioned and so good at popcorn. Likeplain Patamara, this is the it's really good with bagels like you know, peoplemake bagels but like Rosemary, but you can do plane Bagel with Zatanai likeeverything baggles, but but it's raining, yeah yeah. So I tell you it'ssuper verse of town. You can also like there's like a little lemon taste to Ican on the spicy one exactly I can get the citrus to see why that lemon wouldcome in. So I right it's a SUMAC. Is that what it is un fact ancient Greeksused to use SUMAC instead of lemons for the lemony taste? Really, I could pickthat up. Right was sum ex hour. Yeah, it's it's like a sour wild berry waslemon, has a lemanus sour taste, so you have to have just the right amount ofit, which is why I always help people like there are so many types of Atarout there, but you have to get the right blend there. Different types ofblends I mean the Zator plant itself is different. Depending on what region youget it from sure we get ours from Nou which is like up in the mountains.That's why it's so unique: The catre grows in the mountains, fresh air,fresh water, fresh soil, and then they dry it. I work with a woman, cooned andoperated business in Lebanon and they take the Zaza. They try it. They mix itwith the SU MAG. They said it over to me. I finished it up. I finished therest of the recipe from there and make my products wow, so you grew up inlemon, let it on. When did you come over to the night to? I grew up yeahyou grow es like I goes. I went there every summer could literally go from Yesoon as school went out and of May or June. When I let out, we go into August,oh very cool and the whole summer,...

...there, Okay Tina. So with you doingthat commute to Lebanon and staying here you picked up obviously on somethings we were talking earlier, and so you saw an opportunity with yourLebanon right, so speak to the folks at home. About that. How did that comeabout? And what does your Lebanon do? What do you do for your Lebanon share?I have a platform in addition to this business. It's called your Lebanon andI have a website, your leboo. I started it about eight years ago when I noticeda void online and in different places to find authentic, really authentic,Arabic recipes and we're talking keps a fate, a Benathe dishes and you wouldlook for, but then all the recipes would come up in Arabic, say some morefactitous. I mean there's so many like there's just so many of them that youknow I mean you're familiar with homeless and Tubule, so you'd findthose rest. You find hundreds of those recipes, but when you try to find theseother ones or like people didn't even know what the other ones were. So Iwanted to create a platform where I had those recipes in English, they'reeasily accessible. I like to cook and when I cook something new, I like tocompare recipes soul, never go for the fresh sp I find yeah. So I wanted justto have a website where I included recipes from chefs throughout theMiddle East. So I actually worked with maybe fifty different middle easternchefs and bloggers that I connected with through your Lebanon on InstagramI've a platform there and they you know voluntarily, gave me recipes either. Itransleet trestles them with my mom into English, or they gave them to beEnglish and we tested them. We put on the website. People really loved itgood stuff, Gotha, you that's very cool. So besides you know running thiswebsite and making all this these delicious products that are being sold.What about you? Your mother? You said Yes, yes, I'm a mom. I have our sonFaris night, my husband's Faris fresh man. I used to go mentioned that, butour son is five months old. Our older son just turned three this past weekendand our daughter turns five in September. You are busy. How do you getto do it all you guys eat yeah, I family I got to be up at like five amfuddy morning I mean I am up with the baby and the kids, but then that's whenI try to get work done, because during the day it's so hectic. Even if I havesomeone there to help me and the kids know, I'm at my office roane office,Rote they're, being in on that door, there's there's no there's no offlimits exactly or if I try to go to the office. I have to like sneak out, whichI feel so bad about, but then my daughter wants to come with me. Everytime sure go to the bakery. I always bring it with me, but her going to theoffice. You know we have an office next to ladened in, like whatever a footbell road sure. So I, like you, can't kind of thind anything done it and it'sa lot honestly, but I'm trying imaging I'm hoping that when the kids are inschool all day I'll be able to finally believe vot o this pen, I mean I'mhappy with the where I'm at now should there are so many more opportunities ontaped opportunities. I like to get to sure no, I think, you're doing afantastic job. Your woman owned. You got the certificate. You know we dealwith a lot of entrepreneurs start up entrepreneurs, women minority from yourjourney. What's a little bit of what's a jewel or a nugget that you can dropon someone to motivate them to get people who are aspiring to get on yourlevel? What's something you can drop on them? You know at this time and kind ofinspire them. Yes, so well, when you know, I told you guys I had like, Inoticed a void in the market place, so I had an idea and then I startedtalking about the idea. All I do I talk about it. I'm like! Oh, you know, youknow why don't we have this? We should do someone to do this. Why don't youknow- and I was talking to my friend Scott and he's like just do it? Why doyou keep talking about it? You know, you know what. If you have an idea, youcan write it down as mad. You write down all the plan. You have, you haveto execute, you do and then another really helpful thing is. You know, lookat the people around you who have done what you're trying to do and reach outto them. Like I reached out to a lot of my friends that I saw that were doingtheir own businesses, I'm like hey, you know if they're doing it, I can do no,that's a pointel him. You know you made a website how d you make it yeah. No,it's a good point, your on check tank. How did you do that? How to do thatright? We have you know my friends. You...

...heard a sauce moto. I have it. Have youoh my gas there from Cleveland. Oh my God. How do we not know that I theremake sauce? No even better, it's a clip! Oh my gosh. I have to send you guysthese. It's a clip that you clip into your air, even in the car to hold yourcatchup sauce and other sauces for fast food restaurants, Sauce Moto, I get itwhile you're in the milion or my friend will and Tony in, like they actuallycreated that product and they were on shark tank and I'm like just everyone'sdoing it. You know I want to do it. So basically, what I'm trying to get to isthat you can turn to people that you know, but then I was very fortunate,I'm around business. You know my husband, my father in law and mother inlaw, my friends, but if you don't have that you mentioned we bank, we is asentreprise concert. You can always turn to those organizations. I did that aswell. You don't have to be a member to take advantage of the opportunitiesthey offer you webinars sessions. You can go on facebook. I googlednetworking groups in Cleveland where you go and all these women owned.Rigwoodie groups popped up and everyone talks in there and communicates, andyou can always find a minster like all these people that helped me along myway. They were so willing to do it. So you there's always someone there thatwill help you on your journey. I'm trying to set your business. NO THAT'SGREAT! That is so awesome and thanks for those wise words, because a lot ofpeople have- maybe maybe they don't have the resources. But there is acertain amount of motivation that you got to have anyway and so yeah you'rekilling it. Thank you for that and this food is delicious. Oh, my Gosh iswonderful and I came across an article recently. You were just named fortyunder forty in the Arabic community. Oh Yeah, you made thirty hundred thirty,Oh yeah. It was a very thank you I'm pretty close. I am I'mlike thirty two, but yes, I under forty under forty, it's the Arab AmericanFoundation, which is like the lead Organization for Arab Americanactivities and news and programming and networking the United States here. Well,so I was nominated for and the recipient of one of these slots underlost forty under forty regular stridulation think yeah off the price press. Okay,well good for you! I am this has been wonderful. I am so glad you came inthis. Food is absolutely amazing. I S Say I'm still eating yeah, he o and where can people find yourproducts again, a few new locations now? So all the hines go to your favoritelocal Highness Tupas market place. Okay, I find my cousin shut o there and tellme about my set okay miles market just picked up my products.The all I've seen was actually one of my first locations, there's a teak shotthat carries different types of all of oils, they're, really, wonderful andworse, all the laden, CD restaurants, a yeah. He you go at Jazzin, distributinggo on by and get some fresh Nash they'll make them fresh for you. Oh MyN. I'm going to do that for sure. Those are amazing, absolutely amazing. Well,we want to thank you so much for coming in sharing your wonderful food, yourstory, it's very, very inspiring. It is and congratulations a good look in thefuture. Please please, please stay in touch yeah, any parting words David! No,I mean you're. You said some things. You know when I asked you to drop ajewel for the entrepreneurs, and you said you know tap and tap into yourresource and if you, if you talk about it all the time like that's how you canbring your dream to life- and I often say, if you talk in the words likesomeone should do this, someone should do that. That's probably you thatshould be doing it, and so it sounds like you confirm that, and that'sthat's good. So that's what I want people to take away from this is don'tlook for someone else to do something for you. You do it yourself, reach it,use your network and tap into it fact. TENTA. You guys think you so one well,thank you to our sponsors Hindis for putting this on and you can find herproducts at Heinin as well as many other wonderful artists and craftproducts. You can't miss them. They're the most beautifully design package areseriously and it looks like something out of a museum when you look at it.Like I mean it is, is really one of the o. The board, like the separation ofthe product in the oil and the seed, I mean it's crazy, crazy. I this is Ericand David, bringing you the craft food...

...classroom, the podcast until next time, thanks for joining on the craft foodclassroom, podcast, where we help make food business simple at every stage ofgrowth brought to you by PC bank and central kitchen media to learn moreabout what we're doing visit us at the central dot kitchen. Please subscribeto this podcast to learn more about food entrepreneurs and their experiencein the craft food business. This podcast is brought to you by Hines,founded in one thousand nine hundred and twenty nine in Shaker Heights, Ohioby local butcher, Joe Hinan Hinan, is grown to twenty three total locations,with nineteen stores in the Cleveland area and four in the north shoresuburbs of Chicago. After years of building connection with Midwestfarmers, it became a part of Heyden's nature to do business with smallerregional companies to day hynes is proud to carry nearly seven hundred midwest made non produce items that are present in all departments for moreinformation. Good Hinano.

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