If they're doing it, I can do it
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If they're doing it, I can do it


Tina Chamoun brings her huge flavors into the kitchen for this episode. Eric and David get to learn all about Za'atar, including how to pronounce it. Tina is the founder of Terranean Herbs & Spices and Your Lebanon and was recently named among the top 40 under 40 by Arab America Foundation.



This podcast is brought to you byHyden's, founded in one thousand nine hundred and twenty nine and Shaker Heights,Ohio, by local butcher Joe Hayden. Hindans has grown to twenty three totallocations, with nineteen stores in the Cleveland area and for in the north shoresuburbs of Chicago. After years of building connection with Midwest farmers, it becamea part of Hyden's nature to do business with smaller regional companies. Today,Hydans is proud to carry nearly seven hundred Midwest made non produce items that arepresent in all departments. For more information, go to hyanscom. Welcome to thecraft food classroom podcast, where we help make food business simple at everystage of growth. Brought to you by PNC bank and central kitchen media andnow here's your host, Eric Diamond. This is Eric David, bringing youthe next episode of Craft Food Classroom, the podcast. David, how youdoing, my friend? I'm doing good. I'm focused right now. How areyou? Yeah, you in the zone. I'm in the zone.How you doing? Man Doing? I'm blessed and highly favorite, but mandad, that's what's up. I must have been gone for a while gonefor a while with that love. I love that blessed and highly favored favor. Is Not Fair. It's not fair. It's not fair, just like it'snot fair it's not fair for our guests, yeah, to be sittinghere, yes, and we're and, and here's the thing about it.We have a special guest. Her name is Tina. Help you, comeon, show on. There we go. I've been off air, been tryingto figure this out. That's why I say I'm focused. And sheis the owner and the founder of Terranian herbs and spices, and you aregoing to have to tell me a little bit more about this. And pleasesay the name, because I've been gaff in this. Get Name Up.Okay, it's called Zata. That's so sounds so good when you say itdoes sound so good. What is that tie? So, Zat. Thatis the name of an herb that is native to the Levantine regions and Iget mine specifically from Lebanon. It's wild thyme and it's also the name ofthe blend that we use it in using. God know, that's interesting. Yeah, so's that. That is the actual herb and Zatha is the blendand in the blend. We have toasted sesame seeds Sumac, which is awild berry. I tried wild berry and a little bit of salt with aZaza tripping it all together. That's excellent. So when did you start the company? And December of two thousand and nineteen is when I launched online.Okay, but I started the company like officially started working on it, probablyin late fall of two thousand and nineteen. What got you interested? Well,I go to love it on every summer on Lebanese. So I cameback from Lebanon in July of two thousand and nineteen and I was actually ata local restaurant and they were using Zata. In American restaurant they were using Saththat I'm like, Oh, that's fun. Okay, and then laterthat week I saw a lot of big names chefs on food network and otherplaces using Zatha and I said, okay, where does the average American consumer gettheir hands on Zatha? Fine, you have it on Amazon, youhave it online, but when you go to local grocery stores, specifically herein Ohio, where I was looking in then a few other local Midwest states, I realize that none of them carried it's at that at the time.But you'd have like your Italian blends. You have an entire Mexic, youknow, section of Mexican food, right, but you know, is that thatsomething that's so it's such a staple in Middle Eastern homes. We allhave it. We come back from traveling abroad with suitcases full of Zatha areclothing smells like it for a week, a week. It's not a complaint'sfunny. But so it's beginning to pick up, I realized and I said, okay, well, why don't we have an authentic product? Sure,authenticity really depends on the person. So this product is authentic to me,depending on where you're from. From Lebanona, from North Lebanon, I'm you know, it's a recipe that I was familiar with because it's from my villagenear mine, like the ones I enjoyed when I was growing up. MyPadma used to make us me eache all the time. You visit it,so I grow up on a lot. Fortunately I'm lucky to do that foryou. A hundred and four year old...

...grandma really makes this nice. Yes, she's still only that is that's amazing. My entire families are right now visitingher and my dad, my sister, my mom, my aunt's and unclesare all there with her. So, oh my gosh, that is that'sa blessing. It's a better learn how to say it right. Soyou started in two thousand and nineteen. You said online. I launched onlineto Herbscom. Great, and then how did you get into highand so?Oh well, HINN's wasn't. My goal. Was Like I love Hindans. Yeah, I'm I was living in Bay village at the time, so alwaysgo to the Babel a China's. Yep, I'm like, they have everything here. I really love it. I feel like the you know, theconsumers here would really enjoy it, and they actually ended up getting picking upa Zat our product a few months after I launched my company. So whenI went in in two thousand and twenty, two try and sell them on myproduct. Right. The few things I had to hone in on.It's a sats are blend, it's authentic and a woman own business. Ihave, you know, spreads also because a lot of people are becoming familiarwith sats are as I mentioned. I tried it at Yard House. Yeah, their shops were using it, but they weren't using it with extra versionolive oil the way that we enjoying it. Yeah, so I said, well, let me go ahead and I'll make this product. It's hopefully,I think. I hope you guys think it's beautiful. I torgeous it.It's absolutely beautiful. The the the jar. Will put some on the on thesite, but it's it's funny to look at it. It's like craftsmanship. It is well define. These jars are made in Italy, so reallyItalian Lug glass. People like to repurpose them, which is what I washoping. People can be used the jars, but I wanted to make a productthat was attractive so that people who weren't familiar with Sauta I would lookat it and be like wow, this is really beautiful. You know what, I'll give it a try. Yeah, it's like suspended animation. Yes,it is. And then there's those at our chips. So I actuallywork with Jasmine distributing chasmin bakery there my copacker okay, and they make thefresh Peter Bread that you enjoy at Aladdin ztery and cause and said toos boasand numerous restaurants Middle Eastern restaurants here in Ohio. So I started working withthem to make the Zachar Peta chips, fake Peta chips, and that's actuallythe first thing that I brought up to Hinhan's really. Yes, so actually, Matt Shelley, I began pestering him, I guess I could say bugging him. He's a buyer, YEP, at hindands. So in March orso I reached out to him. He tried them, who really loved them, and then I went to follow up in the summer a few months laterbecause I still had to figure out my insurance and other details and how togrow because again, like, I had just started doing those and I wantedto make sure that the bakery had the capacity to keep up with what hindanswould be ordering. Right, right. So I reached out again, butmy email never went through. Oh my God, real, I said,and I'm like amazing, like them that much nice. So that I westout again in October and I'm like, you know what, I have tofollow up again with this, and he's like, oh my gosh, Inever got your email. I you know, there was like a something happened orwhatever, and he's like okay, but you know our busy seasons comingup. So you mean the buyers at that time are preparing for holidays?Yeat, Ober, Yep. How's it going to bring out a new productOber? I'm like, okay, I understand. You know my foosh arefollowed up sooner. You know, I'm very noted new to this was myfirst to trying to get into stores. So I sent him a link.I'm like, okay, well, I was on new day Cleveland this week. If you want to see more about my products, here, watch thislink, right, and apparently he thought it was like entertaining and he's like, okay, let's just set up a call for tomorrow and get this going. And then we went ahead and picked him up, which he really didn'thave to do. Again, I was like the holiday season, like preparingfor holiday and stuff, so he picked him up. We launched during thepandemic and doing the pent tank right. Yes, that's that's who. Goodluck kind of source yet and like flower and I don't know what else,and he's still picked it up. That's excellent. We launched in November andthen Kim Hyden's I start talking to her. Just another buyer obviously, since it'son our board. Oh Great, yeah, Nice. Just talk toher yesterday. Shout out to Kim Higden. Yes, Stop Hind about Kim.She brought up my she brought on my Zaut oar spreads and the ShakerJars. In March, scrap all the products at all. Nineteen O hinhandsin Ohio. Oh, excellent, that's soup. That's great. That's supergratulation. So your co packer is jasmine distributing. My favorite Aladdins entrede thatI get is jasmine's favorite with chicken meshweet.

Is that? Yeah, is thatlike related somehow? Yeah, okay, I'm not ass okay, so breakit down. Distributing. Actually, it's the bakery. It was madeafter a lad zdri was, you know, a started in one thousand nine hundredand ninety four. Yeah, because my father in law, Fatty Shamant, he wanted to keep up with the bread and the products that he neededto for the restaurants. Sure by the restaurants. So we opened the bakeryand started making bread for his restaurants and then people loved it so much thathe began selling his bread at local Middle Eastern stores over expanding outside of that. So Jasmine distributing and land zd and did I mentioned there's a few ofthe restaurant. Yes, boo boys, and right they all sell the Pikabread. So who's jasmine? You know what? I don't know. Okay, good, I'll tell you what I'm start. You know what, letme sew you guys. Okay, sure, the front. So right here.Oh, yes, that's cool. And that's actually a picture of mymother in laws, Ailie, and I just found that out like recently.I'm like, who is this? So what is this? Thinks of curwe have this on here, and then I went to their house on thebasement there's the actual picture, like not the art one, like the actualpotation. What are you kidding? So that's jasmine? Maybe that's Jasmine.That's very cool. So right now you've got the spice blends and what's nexton your agenda that you want to bring out? So actually, I alsohave with my mother in last Ali. Yeah, so she's the one thatmade the recipes at a lad theatery. Yeah, so she made a spiceline of mediatranean spices, like occasion spice, that chicken spice, salmon seafood spices, different spices that we sell on a gift packet and online. Oh, very also have that that we're working. Good for you. So House businessgoing? It's good. Yeah, it's good. We're currently in sixtyfive locations in northeast Ohio. For you. One of them is in Boston.We're looking at a couple major online me tailors that I'm I can't announceit. Yeah, sure, it's coming up the next couple months that Iactually got connected with through we bank. I you heard of the woman's yessenterprise? Yes, consol. Yeah, so I'm a certified whom my ownbusiness and they connected me with a couple major retailers or are currently considering myproducts. One of them definitely bringing it on board for September, Fingers Cross. Good for you. Good for you that it's kind of a big dealfor us. Yeah, and we're also on Christopher Kimball's Milk Street. Sothat was a big deal for us because people really look to him and hiscommunity for products that are really good. So we sold out of our Zoltarspread in the first few days really of them watching it. So good foryou, and I mean I didn't you know, I didn't come up withsat our strut again. It's something that Middle Easterners enjoyed forever and there's evena couple products. I realized after I launched mine on the American market peoplehave been selling it. But again, what's unique about mine is the blend. It's the high quality ingredients that I use. It's imported, extroversional.I've oil, imported Lebanese author with no fillers, which means I don't havedry chickpeas, I don't have wheats, I don't have random seasonings in myblond. So it's just authent too, high quality south out and I putit in a cute package. That's it's it's awesome. The labeling is beautiful. Who Did you're labeling? Who designed it? Yeah, our designer,Catherine at Lantzad Oh, good for that's beautiful. Than give her what Iwanted. The Palette, you know, gave us some ideas. This isactually how thut our looks. If you look at the bottom, there's thatflowers out, that actually flowers and you you know, Oh that's gorgeous.Wish I had a photo to show you, but that's sort we got the inspirationfor the cane right there. Yeah, right the bottom. Look at thattoo, and that's cool. So we are going to take a breakand you're going to prepare some food for that. We're going to take sowe are going to take a break for our sponsor, honeycomb credit, andwe will be back and try some delicious food. Looking forward to it allright, this is Eric and David. We are bringing you the craft foodclassroom the podcast. We will be back. Honeycomb credit is proud to sponsor ourfriends at central kitchen, who are dedicated to sharing the stories of Clevelandentrepreneurs crafting the city's food legacy. With a track record of working with Clevelandsmall businesses such as go Buddha, Pope's...

...kitchen and Levin Bakery, honeycomb hasbecome a onestop shop and helping entrepreneurs scale and grow. Now that the foodindustry is pacing forward, honeycomb is here to support you by unlocking capital,increasing consumer engagement and marketing your local brand. Find out more at honeycomb creditcom grow. This is Erica David bringing you the craft food classroom the podcast.We are back with Tina. She whipped us up some amazing things that weare about to try. So give us, give us a give us a plate. We got this beautiful plate in front of us. What do wehave here? Broad a full so I use our twining herbs, Zat arespread, to make you a Zautar PA sandwich, and all you do isyou mix the spread and then right down the middle of the Peterbread you makea line with the Zatar, make sure you put at least a few tablespoonsof it, and spread it out, and then I layered it with slicedtomatoes, with sliced cucumber. You can also add mint and if you're familiarwith lovety, it's a thickned cream. It's very savory. You can addthat as well. Olives, different vegetables can be added to its first great, amazing. That is so good first bite. And then that is sofresh. Yes, it tastes like health health. It does taste like amalthy. It's so good. It is really healthy because it don't realize that.That is very healthy. And you're using extra version olive oil and the Zacharitself is full of essential time all oils. And then the SUMAC has more antioxidantsthan blueberries. Really. Yes, so if you google health benefits ofZata. All this, all these articles come out because again it's getting popularity, it's getting momentum. People are writing about. Why, your grandmas ahundred four years old. That's right, that's it's like the elderberry up theMediterrane. Yeah, there, there you go. Well, I mean medicatingfood is just healthy to begin with. Yes, I mean everything is justso, so good. This is delicious. There's absolutely delicious. What else wouldyou put it on the foot? Oh, I love to have itwith. I mean some not so healthy things. Okay, like French fries. Really is talking? Oh, you need to try with the French fries. We make a man tonight. Okay, you're funny. Actually, you canget them at Bo Az and Taza. They have such our fries are hmmover the really. Yeah, if you ever want to try it andthen go home and be like hey, I can make this and make itmost make it with tina sat out of so go to Hans and pick itup. Yeah, you making are you making all the restaurants use your stuffgoing forward? They are using this sach our blund excellent. Yes, that'sfor so. Actually, these fore two chips. We can move onto those. Okay, those are a little smaller. I broke them up because I wasgoing to use them on the Futto Salad, but those are also usedat Aladdin's. that the LADINS for two chips, pea chips, and youcan find the Zachar pea chips at hyghens and you can also find the spicyones. We make right good, ridiculous. It's a crazy good and it's fresh. The crunch is just amazing. Is My mic on folks. Yeah, I can't want to. Yeah, this is amazing. I'll turn yourblue book. Thanks. And people like to dip dip the Zat our chips, again in the Leven I mentioned, but also in humless and Baba gaewswith different types of dips. They've been using it a lot. On Charkoudariboards people are now offering Zat are pea chips for snacking instead of regular potatochips. So so much healthier for you. I'd give this to my kids asa daytime snack. Yep, oh, my kids eat so much. Imean that's probably what attracted them before I came here, prepared to spreada stuff ring with me, and then they light it out, like halfof it. They got right into it. I was like, I have togo. What are you doing? I'm going to try the spicy.What is in? What makes this one spicy? Cayen? Where that go? I dipped in and we also we really like to have the spicies atour chips with FETTA cheese. Like you put Fetta and then put the chipson top of it, toss it up.

You can add tomatoes, tomato onion, feta cheese and some of these crunched up Zachar chop ups. Nothinga little drizzle of extroversion. All at home got, because my wife alwayssays everything's better with Feta. I believe it. You can make a feedup high like actually, what we have here I gave you guys. I'man Ushe, okay, as a Middle Eastern flatbread. I see this again, newsh minutia. Yes, man Ushe, okay, now what is that?That so half of it Haszat out, but usually you can make it justsat that. Oh, yes, that's how you do it. Oh, you fold it up it come on are okay, there's thinking. Iput them together. So on the other side it's like a cheese variety,melted cheese, and you beat them together that's like the best cheese standwich you'veever had. But you can also do fetas I was going to say.You can make them an ushe with you can do a Fetta base and thenadd the Zacho to it, with the tomatoes and onions, some olives,Clamatauto Olives on there. I'm kind of addicted to this. Yeah, soyou, you're doing all the work for people with this here. This isamazing. It's ready to go. Get ready to go. You selling these? Yet we sell those at jazz and distributing. People don't realize we havea store front there. Oh, the bakery. Where the bakerylocated? Onethwo on seven Burrio road in Cleveland. Excellent, the border of liquid hey, that's right here at the bottom, it sounds. When distributing. Yes, Gotcha, one, so, one, seven. They make the Peter Breadsfresh there. I mean, this is I picked up this Peter Breadand came right over us. It's wonderful. When are you going to be ableto sell these in Highness? Oh, I don't know, Camy, okay, Nancy, without every name right now. All right, you.They are delicious. These are amazing and absolutely everything is phenolo. Thank you. Thank you. So these are just recipes that you kind of grew upwith? Yes, so, traditionally, as I mentioned before, the waywe grew up enjoying that that was with extra version olive oil. But rightnow it's expanded so much. People are having it with Pasta, again,the French fies. You can make it with big vegetables like cauliflower and carrots. Another great thing people are using it for is eggs. Yes, Icould see that, other eggs. Oh, it's so good on that. Youguys banging on eggs. It's so good on eggs. My kids callthem dip it eggs, and it looks like what she has there, startingside up eggs. Yeah, and I can imagine just dipping that in there. So you could do both. You can do this at our Shaker onthere, or you can do this at our spread. Awesome. And sowhat would you put it? The Zat Oar Shaker on. I put onSalads. Okay's actually very good with sales, any kind of Greek themes, solidagain the FETTA that I mentioned, and so good at popcorn, likeplain poper Bart wow popcorn. I thinking this is the list. It's reallygood with bagels like you know, people make bagels but like Rosemary. Yeah, you can do plain Bagel with zaturing cream cheese, like everything bagels,but Piterranean. Yeah, sorry, I tell you. It's super versatile.You can also, like there's like a little lemon haste. I can standthe spicy one exactly. I can get the citrus. I can see whythat lemon would come in. So tell you right. It's a SUMAC.Is that what it is? Fun fact, a nine Greeks used to use SUMACinstead of lemons for the lemony taste. Really, I could pick that upright all sue MACs our. Yeah, it's it's like a sour wild berrywill this lemony and has a lemony sour taste. So you have tohave just the right amount of it, which is why I always tell people, like there are so many types of Zat are out there, but youhave to get the right bund that right. Are Different types of blends, Imean that's that's our plant itself is different depending on what region you getit from. Sure, we get ours from as Nube, which is likeup in the mountains. That's why it's so unique. The S that trickgrows in the mountains fresh air, fresh water, fresh soil, and thenwe they dry it. I work with a woman co owned and operated businessin Lebanon and they take the Zats are they dry it, they mix itwith the SUMAC. They send it over to me. I finished it up. I finished the rest of the recipe from there and make my products.Wow, so you grew up in lemonon, Lebanon. When did you come overto the unit? Still, I blew up here. Are you growup here? It's like, I go, yeah, because I went there everysummer and we could literally go from yes soon as school went out andof May or June when I let out, we go into August. Oh,very cool, and the whole summer...

...there. Okay, Tina. Sowith you doing that commute to Lebanon and staying here, you picked up obviouslyon some things we are talking earlier, and so you saw an opportunity withyour Lebanon. Right. So speak to the folks at home about that.How did that come about and what does your Lebanon do? What do youdo for your Lebanon? Sure, I have a platform in addition to thisbusiness. It's called your Lebanon and I have a website. Your Lebanoncom Istarted it about eight years ago when I noticed a void online and in differentplaces to find authentic, really authentic Arabic recipes, and we're talking caps fecticand been Nige, these dishes that you would look for, but then allthe recipes would come up in Arabic. Say some more fact to keep tubbal. I mean there's so many, like, there is so many of them.You know what I mean. You're familiar with humless and the bullet.So you'd find those. Rest who you find hundreds of those recipes, butwhen you try to find these other ones, are like people didn't even know whatthe other ones were. So I wanted to create a platform where Ihad those recipes in English. They're easily accessible. I like to cook andwhen I cook something new, I like to compare recipes. Should never gofor the first spe I find. Yeah, so I wanted just to have awebsite where I included recipes from chefs throughout the Middle East. So Iactually worked with maybe fifty different middle eastern chefs and bloggers that I connected withthrough your Lebanon on instagram. I have a platform there and they, youknow, voluntarily gave me recipes, either I translated into chesslate them with mymom into English, or they gave them to me English and we tested them, we put on the website. People really loved it. Good stuff,good. Thank you. That's very cool. So besides, you know, runningthis website and making all those these delicious products that are being sold,what about you? Your mother? You said, yes, yes, I'ma mom. I have our son, Ferris to night. My husband's farristfreshman. I think I mentioned that, but our son is five months old, our older son just turned three this past weekends and our daughter turns fiveand September. You are busy. How do you get to do it all? You guys eat? Yeah, busy family. I got to be upat like five am morning. I mean I am up with the baby andthe kids. Then that's where I try to get work done, because duringthe day it's so hectic, even if I have someone there to help me, and the kids know them. At my office, right in office,right they're banging on the door, let me there's, there's no, there'syeah, no, off limits exactly. Or if I try to go tothe office I have to like sneak out, which I feel so bad about,but then my daughter wants to come with me every time. Sure,go to the bakery, I always bring it with me, but if I'mgoing to the office, you know, we have an office next to alitanz eatery and like what after Foot Bell Road? Sure, so when youcan't come with me, don't get anything done. You know, and it'sa lot, honestly, but I'm trying imagining. I'm hoping that when thekids are in school all day, I'll be able to finally believe focow thisbeyond. I mean, I'm happy with where I'm at now, but thereare so many more opportunities on tap, opportunities I like to get to.Sure, no, I think you're doing a fantastic job. Your woman owned, you got the certificate. You know, we deal with a lot of entrepreneurs, start up entrepreneurs, women, minority from your journey. What's alittle bit of what's a jewel or a nugget that you can drop on someoneto motivate them, to get people who are aspiring to get on your level? What's something you can drop on them, you know, at this time,and kind of inspire them? Yes, so, well, when I youknow, I told you guys. I had like I noticed the voidin the marketplace. So I had an idea and then I start talking aboutthe idea. All I do is talk about it. I'm like, Oh, you know, you know, why don't we have this? We shoulddo so much to do this. Why don't you know? And I wastalking to my friend Scott and he's like just do it. Why do youkeep talking about it? You know, you know what, if you havean idea, you can write it down, as made me write down all theplan you have, but you have to execute. You do. Andthen another really helpful thing is, you know, look at the people aroundyou who have done what you're trying to do and reach out to them,like I reached out to a lot of my friends that I saw that we'redoing their own businesses, and I'm like hey, you know, if they'redoing it, I can do now. That's a good point, and tellthem you know, you made a website. Had you make it? Yeah,no, that's a good point. You're on shark tank. How didyou do that? Howd you do that? Right, we have, you know, and my friends. Have you...

...heard a sauce moto? I haveit. Have you? Oh my gosh, they're from Cleveland. Well, myGod, how do we not know that? They they make sauce.Know even better, it's a clip. Oh my gosh, I have tosend you guys these. It's a clip that you clip into your airvant inthe car to hold your catchup sauce and other sauces for fast food restaurant sauceomeMoto. I get it while you're in the mode. That's also I turnedto our my friend will and Tony and Mike. They actually created that productsand they were on shark tank and I'm like, Geschool, everyone's doing it. You know I want to do it. So, basically, what I'm tryingto get to is that you can turn to people that you know.But then I was very fortunate, I'm around business, to know my husband, my father in law, mother Inlaw, my friends. But if you don'thave that, you mentioned we bank. When when it is as enterprise consilt, you can always turn to those organizations. I did that as well. You don't have to be remember to take advantage of the opportunity to sayoff for you Eban our sessions. You can go on facebook. I googlednetworking groups in Cleveland. There you go and all these women owned right now. Working groups popped up and everyone talks in there and communicates and you canalways find a menstuor like all these people that helped me along my way.They were so willing to do it. So you there's always someone there thatwill help you on your journey of trying to start your business. And no, that's great, that is so awesome, and thanks for those wise words,because a lot of people have maybe maybe they don't have the resources,but there is a certain amount of motivation that you got to have any way. And so yeah, you're killing it. Thank you for that. And thisfood is delicious. Oh my gosh, it's wonderful. And I came acrossan article recently. You were just named forty under forty in the Arabiccommunity. Oh Yeah, you mean thirty under thirty. Oh yeah, itwas a thank you. I'm pretty close. I am like thirty two, butyeah, under forty, under forty. Okay. It's the Arab American Foundation, which is like the Lead Organization for Arab American activities and news andprogramming and networking the United States here. Wow, so I was nominated forand the recipient of one of the slots under lost forty, under forty regulation. gratulations, I think. Yeah, hot off the press, press.Okay, well, good for you. I am this has been wonderful.I am so glad you came in. This food is absolutely amazing to see. I'm still eating. Yeah, he delete delicious. And where can peoplefind your products? Again, a few new locations now. So all thehigh INS LE's go to your favorite local highness, troopo's market place. Okay, I would find my cousin shadow there and tell me my myself. Okay, miles market just picked up my products. The olive seen was actually one ofmy first locations. There's a cheek shop that carries different types of oliveoils. They're really wonderful. And course, all the Alianzuiti restaurant. Heck,yeah, you go at jazz and distributing. Go on, buy andget some freshman each. They'll make them fresh for you. About the oven, I'm going to do that for sure. Those are amazing, absolutely amazing.Well, we want to thank you so much for coming in, sharingyour wonderful food, your story. It's very, very inspiring, it is, and congratulations. Good luck in the future. Please, please, please, stay in touch. Any parting words, David? No, I mean youryou said some things, you know, when I asked you to drop ajewel for the entrepreneurs and you said, you know, tap and tap intoyour resource and if you if you talk about it all the time,like that's how you can bring your dream to life. And I often sayif you talk in the words like someone should do this, someone should dothat, that's probably you that should be doing it. And so it soundslike you confirm that and that's that's good. So that's what I want people totake away from this is don't look for someone else to do something foryou. You do it yourself. Reach it, use your network and tapinto it. Exactly. Thank you, guys. Thank you so much.Well, thank you to our sponsors, Hyans, for putting this on.And you can find her products at hydends, as well as many other wonderful Artistancraft products. You can't miss them. They're the most beautifully design package,really are, seriously and it looks like something out of a museum them. Oh, you look at it like and mean it is really one ofthe most the board, like the separation of the product in the oil,in the seed. I mean it's crazy, crazy. This is Eric and Davidbringing you the craft food classroom the...

...podcast. Until next time. Thanksfor joining on. The craft food classroom podcast, where we help make foodbusiness simbol at every stage of growth. Brought to you by PNC bank andcentral kitchen media. To learn more about what we're doing, visit us atthe central dot kitchen. Please subscribe to this podcast to learn more about foodentrepreneurs and their experience in the craft food business. This podcast is brought toyou by Hyden's, founded in one thousand nine hundred and twenty nine and ShakerHeights, Ohio, by local butcher Joe Hyden. Hydans is grown to twentythree total locations, with nineteen stores in the Cleveland area and for in thenorth shore suburbs of Chicago. After years of building connection with Midwest farmers,it became a part of Hyden's nature to do business with smaller regional companies.Today, Hyans is proud to carry nearly seven hundred Midwest made non produce itemsthat are present in all departments. For more information, go to hyanscom.

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