If you believe something in your heart..... then you pursue that!
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Craft Food Classroom

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If you believe something in your heart..... then you pursue that!


Eric and David sit down with Michael Mintz, owner of Cleveland's iconic Bertman Ballpark Mustard.

Bertman Foods Co. was started in the 1920's by Joseph "Joe" Bertman. He was an old-fashioned businessman who could be making sales calls, loading trucks, reviewing books, or buying produce on any day. His work ethic is etched into the company's DNA, focusing on and expanding our product line and distribution. Bertman's memorable spicy brown mustard, used at League Park, Cleveland Municipal Stadium, Jacob's Field, and now Progressive Field for over 90 years, and has been referred to by Rachael Ray as "the best mustard on the planet!"



This podcast is brought to you by Hines,founded in one thousand nine hundred and twenty nine in Shaker Heights, Ohioby local butcher, Joe Hinan Hinan, is grown to twenty three total locations,with nineteen stores in the Cleveland area and four in the north shoresuburbs of Chicago. After years of building connection with Midwestfarmers, it became a part of Heyden's nature to do business with smallerregional companies to day Hinan is proud to carry nearly seven hundred midwest made non produce items that are present in all departments for moreinformation, go to Hinano, welcome to the craft food classroom,podcast, where we help make food business simple at every stage ofgrowth brought to you by PC bank and centralkitchen media, and now here's your host Eric Diamond. This is Eric. I'm on David Miller,bringing you the next episode of the Craft Food Classroom, the podcast David.Congratulations at an order, man, hey man! Thank you. What the you do want totell everybody's put out of your Y, all right sure. Why not says if I don'thave enough things going on. We welcome in our fourth child eation to theMiller family yeah thanks man, it's pretty it's complete. Now it gives usalignment this son. His name is Jackson. He was born on seven fourteen twentyone. That's so you talk about Botolan and touchdowns, but I'm lasting for greatness. Yes, sir,I'm glad to be back e how's things going with you and we're doing well,man we'll be miss. You get to see you back in here in a Ben a while, since wedid a podcast yeah, I definitely missed it. Today is a special day. We have avery special guest with this boy when we start lining up these big time. GuysE H, w l when you were gone. Okay, that's how that was all right so who wehave with us today as a gentleman by the name of Michael Mince, and he isthe principal at Berman's, mustard, iconic, CLEVELAND BRAND CLEVELAND,Indians, Bertman Mustard, yeah. That's where we'RE AT THAT'S IT! That's IT WOW!Well, I go welcome thanks for having me guys. We really appreciate you comingon, so why don't you give us a history of this? I mean everybody knows it inCleveland, but wanted to tell us about it. How did start? How did you guys getinvolved? What's the history well Burman's been around since one thousandnine hundred and twenty five were actually the oldest partner of theCleveland Indians, wow wow. So it's a it's a pretty cool, pretty cool,monitor to have a yeah there's some parks that come with that yeah we get mustard, but no their great partners were veryhonored to be a part of it and Burman started in Joe Burman's garage back in probably before one thousandnine hundred and twenty five and he had an idea of hey. I want to create thisspicy brown kind of a bavarian tasting...

...mustard and kind of share this with theworld and he actually had created. It said this thing is fantastic. I thinkpeople are going to love it and he just he took it to the Indians and and hesold it at League Park. The original historic ball park, Yep right andthey've, had it ever since what were they doing for mustard prior just youroriginal orange, I mean yellow bright yell. I'm sure I'm sure well, but thisthis this type of mustard has been centuries old. He across the world,okay, but yeah. I don't think they had a spicy Brown. No, nothing was like ityeah that was none Huand, nine hundred and twenty five yeah and then fastforward. I mean how do we get to hear where we're at today? What was theiteration of that? Well, it's grown with some additional products. ActuallyBertman had all types of food products. Oh really he had a pickle that wassecond anon. Well, unfortunately, we don't have that formula anymore.Otherwise we might be also in the pickle business yeah, but he he created.I think he had a catch up. He had coffee and just over time he justwanted to be a local company sure he didn't really have plans to expand itbeyond northeastern Ohio and that's part of the change. When we gotinvolved in the company, we wanted to bring it more than a regional mustardgot jo, really want to share it with as many people as possible. So a lot ofpeople can get it now through Amazon or you know, through our Internet, Yepyeah so and we have a pretty big social media presence, so people are more andmore getting know about it. Cleveland Urs that move from Tarion Eras, Floridayea, so people know about us really really almost across the whole nation,that's very cool! So when did you guys get involved? We've been doing thiswith them, since what we got involved in the company in two thousand andfourteen, I believe: okay, okay, so we're really the only second generationfamily really to have the company, that's incredible, yeah! That isincredible! So is there any Burman family still involved like Oh, no, noyeah, okay, perfect! So talk to us about the pandemic. How did that affectyou guys? Well, like a lot of people were very big in food service? Yes, sorestaurants, the Cleveland, Indians, yeah, anybody who uses the mustard was notusing it during that time right. We know what happened to the restaurantindustry during that time. Unfortunately, as the retail businesswas continuing, Yep people were still buying food and droves and the grocerystores all right and unfortunately buy our mustard as well. It's great, butfood service changed. We see that coming back now, good, so you're backin the stadiums now obviously and yeah yeah and it, but it's slowly moving inyou know it's not at full fo, yet full go ahead. That's interesting! So what'sit like to have such an iconic brand, I mean. Is it basically the same recipe?It's been since one thousand nine hundred and twenty five it is, and Ihave to tell you it's a lot of fun and an honor to be representing thiscompany. It seems like everybody is...

...certainly in North Eastern Ohio hasheard of it all right. So when when we meet people they're always saying weI'm introduced to someone, they go. Oh love that brand, my favorite mustardright and the quote we hear all the time. I wish I had a nickel for everytime. I heard this. We have it in our refer. We might have to coin that phrase. Iactually have to my refrigerator right now. It's good my I'm going down tovisit my father in law. He lives in Charlotte North Carolina and he askedme to bring a case of burmans mustard for him. I'm cool, I know where theystore it, so I should I'll be able to buy some, that's very, very cool. Sowhat was your background before two thousand and fourteen and gettinginvolved in the company? Well, I was on account CPA, okay. So it's a prettygood background to have for yeah what we're doing right now and did a few different things, but Iwould say that, because I you know, I keep an eye in the books. Sure that's important. That is it's prettyimportant. So what do you see? The? Is You look along the landscape ofCleveland? It's become kind of a footy town. Oh Yeah. I been fun to see peoplelike Mike Simon Success and you know burtas success and others and wereinvolved in that in that community right now, growing entrepreneurs andbrands. How do you feel about having a brand in Cleveland Ohio? Well, we loveCleveland. We love the fact that you know the brand grew out of Cleveland.Her people, like Michael Simon, he's a a huge fan of the mustard. I don't knowif you know this, but his famous mabels barbecue saw us the base. Yes, the baseof the sauce is Bertman original parpar mustard. I did not know that did yeknow that, and a number of chefs in town create recipes with our mustard.We also have a a page on our website, in which we have all types of recipespeople write in these recipes. We don't even create them, people create themfor us. That's a great. I mean there's a recipe out there with our mustard andice cream. If you can plet that and people say it's great, so there's A. Ibelieve that, like there's a thing going on right now in tick, tock withwatermelon and mustard really- and they say that, like mustard kind of takes away, I don'tknow it enhances the water millons sweetness, that's what they say you itwith Burmans I'd, be Cool Huh like a water Melin laying around to getbury on the where people are always creating recipes with our mustard mat,fish use as sure and has a cool recipe for a sauce. As a matter of fact, wedid a. We did a piece on Fox News, locally, sure with Moss man and aschool dude yeah, and I talked about the mustard and then they switched toMatt. who was working with what was her name on Natalie. I forgot the anse fromthe news yeah, who works with Moss Man er, and they mixed up a this sauce that Matt created awitherbones one yeah yeah, and that was real, fun and yeah. So we did a. We dida piece Fox News also called US nationally for the Republican NationalConvention. Wow Maria Bartiromo sir,...

...did a special for just food like in thesecond day of the week during the RNC, and they invited a number of companies,and we were one of the companies one of four companies wow and they talked tous. I remember having when we when we walked in the security, was so great.We had to walk through secret service FBI, Cleveland Police. I was carrying abackpack ye exactly and I said, what's in thebackpack I go muster so is there you know Cleveland FolkLore that you know the stadium mustard came out of the same company as Burmansmustard. Is that true? Well, the guy that started stadium worked for fermentis that right, okay, yeah and and then he went and created his mustard, whichis also a good product. Sure- and you know, competition keeps you on yourtaste. True. We believe in that now. Are you a foot? I I love food good.That makes you a fit, makes you a footy. You know, there's a lot of cool areasin the country. For example, NAPA is known as a real food town super. Youknow top chefs, YEP CLEVELAND, it has, I think, not becoming- has become yeah,that type of a town I mean you can just list some of the chefs here, Oh yeah,and they you know, I mean Michael Simon kind of started and it seems like, buthe has, we've got some great shifts in his town, Zack, brool and wonderful.Wonderful people like Simon is a sanis graduate which I am shut out. My signme an a wrestler, so what are some of yourfavorite places to go in Cleveland? As far as you did? Yeah I've got a lot ofthem everything from Johnny's to flower. To have you been to crew, I o the French.It's called crew, I believe, isn't it French restaurant, oh off an orange orover the over there? Okay, Ninety one in Ersari a bit I mean Giovanni's, gointo little Italy and you just go rat rattle off the names I mean. The foodin this town is second and non yeah. It really is it's absolutely incredible.We will take a break and we will take a break for our sponsor, which ishoneycomb credit. We're going to do some product tasting and we will beback. This is Eric and David bringing you the craft food classroom, thePODCAST. We will be back honey. Comb credit is proud to sponsorour friends at central kitchen, who are dedicated to sharing the stories ofCleveland entrepreneurs crafting the city's food legacy, with a track recordof working with Cleveland small businesses such as go Buddha, Pope's,kitchen and leaven. Bakery honeycomb has become a one, stop shop and helpingentrepreneur scale and grow. Now that the food industry is pacing forward,honeycomb is here to support you by unlocking capital, increasing consumerengagement and marketing. Your local brand find out more at honey. COMBCREDIT COM grow...

...is Eric and David. We are back with thecraft food classroom, the podcast we are here with Michael from Berman'smustard, hey during the break. We were talking. This podcast series isobviously sponsored behind its, but you guys have a great partnership withHinden. We too, we have all of our products with hines. We also have ourbeer mustard, which is a collaboration with the Great Lakes Brewing Company.We started that back in two thousand and fifteen. How did that come about?They wanted a beer mustard, okay and they called US and said we want tocreate a beer mustard and we can't think of a better company to work witha yeah, that's cool. We were very proud of that. We were very honored by that,and so we came up with a formula. First, try the ally, they loved it andit has the dortmunder beer in it, their flagship, beer, m and T it worked. It'svery popular, that's awesome! So how many different favors of musters do youhave our original yep can the dorm under okay, perfect, and then you haveanother product line as well as right. We have a horse radish sauce. Oh I've,never had that as a huge following you have to try it. That's all I cansay about it: okay, so who comes up with your new recipes? It's acollaboration of in house okay, and we have a couple of new products on the onthe drawing board. Excellent, so stay tuned, excellent, that's very cool newproducts. I yeah we all! We all love food yeah, okay, good good, so I justheard that during the break that Sunday is National Chili Dog Day, I just heardthat too. So what do you guys? You get a lot of requestwhen holidays like this come up from. You know people reach out to you guysfor your mustard on these kind for promotions and stuff, like that yeahyeah, we do we, we try to stay ahead of it as well. So we have a pretty nicefollowing on social media. We do we do posts, you know instagramand facebook, twitter and- and we kind of announce all of these things as well.Okay and kind of let people know that these things are coming up and when I try Burman with it sure rightwhat about any recipes? Do you have any favorite recipes that you like to shotout gosh, there's so many my best recommendation is go to our website.The have a recipe page ecolint and- and these are all recipes that all kinds ofpeople have written in and just created on their own. Could I list your website? Burman Ball Park. Mustard com got ca,that's perfect, as you look back on two thousand and fourteen, when you guysgot involved taking the pandemic out of it. What's some challenges that you'vehad if any well there's always in in any business,there's always supply challenges or you're always trying to grow. You wantto stay profitable so that you can continue to provide the product andServic that people have come to. You...

...know trust eye right, expect right, soI would say: like most businesses, we go through all types of pains, like growing pains sure as weexpand we're starting to move outside theborders of Ohio right, there's been more and more demand for our product,which is wonderful and those types of things. If you look at what's going ontoday, of course, you have the supply chain problem, transportation, laborforce. All of these things you know affect all of us, so that's been a wayRo! It's it's like spinning plates. You know you, you spin, the ones that arethe most important first and and try to keep the other ones going as what rightright, how many retailers are you in we're in almost all the local retailerse from we're in the Kroger and Columbus, with the Myers, the the Hinan Giant Eagles? No Walmart? Weare in the war yards. Yes, wonderful that just started this year, SexualAdulation Ota, one word yeah. I did too, but I don't want to be wrong. Yeah as a rug must tread and and locallyyeah I mean Ohio. Where do you think you look span beyond Ohio? I mean we'relooking to yeah. You know you never want to do something too quickly, sureand and and move too fast and not being able to supply right, but yeah. We havesome lofty plans and we'd like to get into more retail. Would you yet andwhat about food service? A food service is going to always be an important partof it. Yes and we're doing food service well outside of Ohio, a so, for example,we're we're in Oakland Coliseum, really we're in both universal in Californiaand Florida. How wonderful wonderful so? Who Does your sales for the team? Youguys have sales of people, distributors, you do it. We have a broker network,okay, great excellent. So as we you know, as we hear at know, CentralKitchen, we foster a lot of startup brands and they always kind of look to.You know brands like yours and they say how do we? How do we get there? What'sone piece of advice you can give these entrepreneurs that are you know,starting out brands and hustling and looking to become an iconic brand likeBurmans, is well question: There's a lot of frustration and trying to launcha product, even when you add a product to an existing brand. It's not a slamdunk. So my best advice is definitely do not give up. If you have a passionfor something- and you believe in that- and you believe that in it in yourheart- and you know that you've got somethingthat's wanted and needed, then you pursue that yes, good and in ageneral way. That's that's my simplest bit of advice. So that's that's greatadvice, that's wonderful advice! So Berry are in house. Chef has droppingoff some food for us, so we have a all plant based hot dog from fieldroast and apparently, barry was telling...

...this. These are in nine different ballparks throughout the country. Right now, I've never had him. I think the dodgerdog is now plant big plan base, the dog your dog is plan face, and on top of ithe has put some wonderful wake: Robins Sour Crot, which is also sold to AdHines, and we've got some Kimchi pickles in on the side, also from wakerobins and we've got some Bertman mustard, which kind of you had I'mgoing in with the DORT Mon you're going with the de my right, I'm going to goin with the original already. It's got a let's see a lot of that. Oh Yeah, yougo Yatha, you! Thank you! A RIGHT! Try! This! You Ready David! I'm ready! Wait,I didn't get it sorry! Oh they! Okay! We woul, cheers our dogs, a sheer dogs.Gentlemen, wonderful all right, take a bite, an we'll be back. I tell you that'sdelicious. It is wonderful. That is wonderful. I like the way the mustard and the sourcrout go perfectly together. I guess complimented and you have any beer towash it down. We do. We do like a Domnei will tell you look at that. Thisis a door money that money shut out to Great Lake Matelot to Burmans. Together,you guys are perfect pair cheers, loves years, Hey Barry. This is dog, is a truth, as l taste like it's a plant based, andso it's not even so BA. It's like pe protein. This is p protein. That'sincredible! Where are they out of very greenly? Food is out of Canada, Canadacan't a boy this I mean. Maybe it's a mustardthat makes it taste so much better, but we must retake my Tananas. This iswonderful. I didn't expect lunch that won. Try these tim to pickles.What do you think of of wow? That's good! I'm surprised howgreat this is. Athis is really wonderful and you know for the future. We got to makesure our studio and House guest get some food too, because it's so rude toeat like it's so delicious to it is wonderful.This has been. This is excellent M. No, I would not try the little bit of theHorse Roree. I'm a big horse rides. I that's very good also or you cansqueeze it out, O a f. all this Perinis, that's what I was saying. I think I sawa guy make a recipe this weekend from Wali of a Lake Erie and he used bothhorse radish and must o the Bertman for the yeah. Oh yeah, that's cool yeah,and I want to do that too. I want to try it. THAT'S ALLISON! If you create arecipe, send it to gale, okay and we'll post,it sure perfect, be the David Miller, Heah the David Miller, the frontcentral kitchen, a right, tri e meter from central kick there. You Go DavonMile Dog David. This is delicious. Many final comments. You have questions youhave for Michael before we let him go.

No. I just I just want to say Iappreciate your energy and you're, like your candid demeanor and all you guysare doing for the Community of Food and Cleveland and having a stable likeburmans. Here the kind of anchor and flag ship, the you know again, likeEric, says we dealt with a lot of startups and when they come through,they can see the lighthouse, but they don't have a clue how to get to it andyou guys casting that big light and being so local and so touchable. That'sa good thing, so I just want to give you kudos and a PRI. Just let you guysknow we appreciate what you're doing and what you're doing for the foodcommunity, because it looks like you guys, are walking permission slip M todream M yeah. Well, thank you for that. I appreciate thanks for having me todayguys thank you. This has been wonderful. The product is great and it's beengreat to get to know you a little bit better. You got it or forward to seeingyou guys some more too I'm looking forward to those new lines of products.Okay, well, L come back out of callest. Absolutely thank you hines our sponsorfor sponsoring this podcast and we look forward the next episodes anything inclosing David, no just glad to be back in the saddle that to have you dinnoand shot out the Hinan. They always make this such a great time and lookingforward to doing more with definitely and congratulations again on your newpay thanks man, I appreciate it. This is Eric and David bringing you thecraft food classroom, the podcast until next time, taste face thanks for joining on the craft foodclassroom, podcast, where we help make food business simple at every stage ofgrowth brought to you by Pinc Bank and central kitchen media to learn moreabout what we're doing visit us at the central dot kitchen. Please subscribeto this podcast to learn more about food entrepreneurs and their experiencein the craft food business. This podcast is brought to you by Hinan,founded in one Thonne hundred and twenty nine in Shaker Heights, Ohio bylocal butcher, Joe Hinan Hinan is grown to twenty three total locations, withnineteen stores in the Cleveland area and four in the north shore suburbs ofChicago. After years of building connection with Midwest farmers, itbecame a part of Heyden's nature to do business with smaller regionalcompanies to day Hinan is proud to carry nearly seven hundred mid westmade non produce items that are present in all departments for more information.Go to Hinano.

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