It's delicious. I promise.
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It's delicious. I promise.


Eric Diamond and co-host David Miller sit down with Patrice Zebbs from Damn Good Vegan. Patrice is a graduate of the Craft Food Classroom. Patrice breaks down the science behind her Damn Good Vegan BLT.

A welcome to the craft food classroompodcast, where we help make food business simple at every stage ofgrowth brought to you by P, NC Bank andcentral kitchen media, and now here's your host Eric Diamond. This is Eric Diman David Miller,bringing you the next episode of Craft Food Classroom, the podcast David. Howare you feeling my I'm doing? Good, I'm doing so good, so good? Yes, so good,blessed, I'm blessed highly favored, not a good sally, favors, fair! Allthat good stuff tell me who were with here today. So this is really coolbecause we're at the craft food classroom, podcast, right yeah. So ournext guest comes to us by way of the actual craft food class room. Her nameis Patrice Zabs and she's getting her headphones on now, I'm just kidding and she took the class. So not only do we have a real liveparticipant who can give us some feedback on the class but she's?Actually, an entrepreneur, who's hustling to work and push her product,and so she's here before us today represent damn good Vegan and she has a damn good belt that she's brought withher. And could you tell us a little bit about your company and how you gotstarted? Yes, so I have the damn good belt. As my signature, offering that Ihave this kind of popular in Cleveland. But I'll tell you what that is. So it'sjust Chapada bread, a garlic, aole, avocado tomato lettuce and Vegan Bacon.The Vegan Bacon is Satan base, so it's not so based because I try to stay awayfrom so. But this is like my best seller, my my baby, an how d. You start, How d you thad tostart the company so from the ages of...

...fourteen and eighteen, I was avegetarian like. I saw something on the news about Mac cow disease and I'm likeI'm, not you not again. I was all throughout high school. I wasvegetarian and I got pregnant with my oldest son. I was eighteen and gotthrough eight months of pregnancy, vegetarian and then the last month thatsmelled a hot dog I had to have pregnancy, Rara yeah. I think he neededa hat that, like that's funny, so I continue to eat me. For I don't know till I was thirty is, and I was never like a person that reallyloved me like it was never a thing that I just had to have all the time. So Iwas already like thinking about going back vegetarian and I was getting likevery tired. My stomach was hurt and I was nauseous it just. I just wasn'tfeeling well, so I decided to go to the doctor and she was an Indian doctor and shetold me well it's probably your diet. Just do the elimination die, take dairyout for two weeks and then see how you feel when I tell you two days later, I feellike a totally different really. Is that right? Yes from just taking adairy out some? Well, I guess I'm a go Vegan and at the time I was workingthat whole food. So I was kind of around yeah a lot of Vigan Pete works at Whole Food Yeah! That's wherethe began hang out. Okay, it's like they're Mecca, so I think I went to the doctor, maybein October- and I was like well. This is the last Thanksgiving Christmas I'mhaving all of the stuff and by that Jawar. Third, I was done withcold Turkey. Here we are, and it's been how long...

...over five years or wowee graduation yea,because the Vegan Diet can be hard because people do it wrong. Yeah, youknow I had oldest. My oldest son was a huge runner and he went Vegan and whenhe first we started first watching him go vigand. We're like this can't behealthy. I mean he's eating like a ton of fruit, but all that sugar he's justeating like raw beans. Out of a can, you know he was convinced that the bestplace for Vegan food was Taco Bell Yeah, so but it's good, so we send them to nutrition, is toshow him how to do began. Diet right. So when you talk to that. Yes, so whenI went Vegan, it was still a lot of trial, a error because even back then not even six years ago, we didn't haveall of the substitutes and the different things that we have now yeaand even though I've been cooking since I was ten years old. So over twentyyears and I've worked in the food industry at restaurants, I worked thewhole foods. I still had to learn how to make the things taste good rightright, because it's like I love. I know about flavor, I've been a chef, but itwas just like well what am I going to eat? I was eating a lot of rice, eve,Yeah Rican beans, that was his table, yeah a lot of starches like pasta andstuff, and I'm like all right. I got to figure this out, so what I found outwork for me was to add the same kind of flavor andseasonings that I will at to meet like just a regular meal. Yeah I like okay.So then, I'm like I want to eat like the stuff that I used to eat, so Idecided to Vigon Ze. All of the stuff that I usedto make and that helped a lot and then, as I was reading books and talking topeople and look at that stuff online about began stuff. I just realize I'mlike people are making his way more...

...complicated than it has to be like itdoes not have to take fifty ingredient like make it Alfredo. So I took the simpler approach, I'mlike okay! Well, what do I need to make regular Alfredo? You need cream butter,harmer, John Cheese, salt and pepper garlic, so I'm like okay. Well, let me try. Igot some Vegan cream, vegan parmer John some coconut oil. Some garlic, Sanpepper boom be get alfret. That's my little journey! That's truespeaking! It's me! No! No! That's! That's really good! So what's the plansfor damn good Vegan, so damn Gavigan, she is my baby. My other baby have three babies soshe's. My fourth baby. I've always wanted to work for myself always wantedto have either a restaurant or food truck. And now I am like I have my belt and Umbar like Ido pop ups around Cleveland. Yes, I do meal prep every week. I have adifferent man every week to two weeks. What else am I doing? I'm working on alot of different things, of course, to help people go Vegan to take like the guest workout an right, because I had a lot of questions and nobody hit as er Yehright. So it's like I've done all of this work. I figured it out, so Iwouldn't be able to help everyone els, fair sure. There are interested andcurious right, you know, and not even Vegan, but just kind of kind of thatall plant based Diet. You know that that's not really a trend, that's kindof the way of the future, because we just can't sustain the way that we makemeat right now. You know with water and environment, and so I think you knoweven the large companies, the consumer, good companies like Nesles and smackersthey're, all trying to figure out how... tap into this market yeah. So wasyour end goal to have a food trucker restaurant? No, I want to do like morecooking classes or cooking, shows and be able to help people like everywheresure as Cleveland is a city right. So if I am doing virtual cooking classes, Icould reach anyone anywhere or a cooking show I can reach you know lot.I want to bring it in, it's not off topic at all, but it just interesting.So I was a few years back. I was sitting in a meeting on equitableenterpreter ship and getting more minorities into business, and we've been verysuccessful at that market. In helping individuals- and I was looking at likehey- we should start an all plant base accelerator here in Cleveland andbringing people from not only our area but the country to help develop theseplan based products and do it here at this hub and one gentleman who's a well respectedminority business leader was like well: what's black folk, don't eat thatkind of stuff, and I said I disagree because I'm watching all the peoplethat are coming into our kitchen that have a Vegan or Pantas Prie. Seventyfive percent of them are minorities, and I think it was as interestingcoming from someone in his position to say that, and I think I think themindst has changed it has it shifted and we see it very closely at twentyeight hundred, but I think with minorities- and you know maybe in oneof them I can identify that we have medical and health issues around food,Yep and so in traditionally the way we're brought up so food yea. You knowa lot of fat a lot of seasoning a lot of sodium. This is like a starkcontrast to how we were raised versus original man right right and so for a gentleman like that to make thatstatement out of ignorance, really it's just yeah things are changing and as webecome more educated as consumers.

Naturally your go. Minorities areproducers yeah, so naturally you're going to start. You know making atransition from consumer to producer and now in this food arena. What's thenext move is healthy eating? Yes, so it's just it's just natural, so it'sjust very natural, but but to her point it's nasty now. You know you got tomake it better. You had to add this season in the flavors to it right. Yes,absolutely and that's that's. We all wouldn't eat food. That is goodyou're right. So that is what I do like, and my children eat my food. Myseventeen year old he's like I'm just going to eat it. So I don't hear yourmouth. I was gonna say I Himitsu, but yeah I get it. Can you talk to US real,quick before we take a break about your experience with the craft foodclassroom and how that has kind of helped you get to where you're at? Ihope this is a good thing. Yeah get ready to very be on short notice. Here we gotseven second leg. Okay, so I have met great great people and I'm all about networking andconnecting with different people, because a lot of the time, it is nothow much money you have. It is, who you know so that has like definitely been like thehighlight for me because it's like I'm in this kitchen out, I'm meeting all ofthese people, even in the kitchen. So you good, like I still am like justtalking and seeing how people are and yeah he you met Curtis from squash tobefit yeah. I know him and his girlfriend yes, they're they're amazing,as very, very supportive good. Their food is great, is good in the grinagedo and their food bug is coming next on yeah right, yeah, yeah, just theconnections. The networking was my...

...favorite favorite part good. So you,like you, really like the Wednesday night yeah chickens. Yes, even though Iwas in the car sometimes get on here, but she's faithful, Idriving around and she had a class worried, sometimes because she's beenin corners and trying to par be a part of the class. It was interesting butyeah it was. It was great to have you an entrepreneurs like you that we seeevery day that are really really striving to push their dreams right andit's just nice to have an environment, even if it's once a week where you cancheck in with other people that are kind of on the same journey, yeah, so good. Well, we're going to take abreak we'll take a break here from our sponsors, P, NC Bank, afterwards we'regoing to taste some damn good belts and we'll be back in curious about thisbacon. Folks that is delicious. I proprietate this break after the breakafter the brain will be back. This podcast is brought to you by P NCBank. For more than a hundred and sixty years we've been committed to providingour clients with great service and powerful financial expertise to helpthem meet their financial goals. We are proud of our long standing history ofsupporting not only our customers, but our community employees andshareholders for more information on P NC bank. Please visit W W P C com. This is Eric and David, bringing youthe craft food classroom, the podcast David, how you feeling I'm feeling good,I'm feeling much better now, because today our guests have really taken careof us, so I'm my stomach is satisfied and my eyes are excited because I'mlooking at Patrica's, damn good belt, yeah, okay, so this is all Vegan breakit down, break it down. What's the science, what's the science behind us,how did you? How did you come up with this wonderful concoction? So...

I'm really good at making sandwiches,even though I'm really good at making food, but I'm really good o makingsandwiches and I'm like, we need a velt that tastesgood, because I've tasted some vegan stuff. That was not good. So I tried out this a bacon. It's like something! That's sorry! Whatare you talking about is something like out of Pinero Bran.Something like this should be a feature. This is amazing. What do you sell thisfor ten bucks for the Sandag? Yes, I bet you get a bit of it as absolutelyabsolutely delicious yeah. You guys should her Yotta. Where can I get thisTamar? You can also order directly from my website. What's your website, it isw w w dat, damn good Vegan ll com. I spilt all the way out: Yeah, okay, yes,which resis it's so good. We don't even talk to you, but I just want it. Wejust want to eat. So what else? What is there anything in your collection ofproducts that rivals this or what else a sign on this? No, yet my Roman, my Vegan Roman kind of took off in the winter. Yes, itreally did because I'm like I love soup. I love like warm things and really I have never went to a Romanrestaurant and tasted regular Romed, so I'm like well, I watch people. Do itall the time at whole food? It was a Roman stationlike literally right next to us like just look at what they did like allright, so I just decided to experiment with it with the children,and I m like this is really good. So I'm like all right I'll. Do it for apop up and the feedback was so amazing,... those two things are really what I'm kind of known for it,but definitely this belt this you said this Bacon is called Satan is what did you say to Ni Tam base, whichis like a week? GLUES can to make it get that Chili. I know there's sometricks going on here yeah, but everything else is very simple:CIOTAT, the garlic ale that I made. I think that takes a Taneiev to ye a andmy friend keeps telling me to bottle it she's like bottle that you make your. Imake it yes, she's, like by the way I will buy all that they should bottle itand yeah then have a co pack up here. Ye because you make a Vegan, I mean yes,they always ically got like right right, so yeah. Well, you got it going on seriously. It's a seriously goodproduct, delicious that likes fun. Aver to it, we have a cot is very very light. It's got a nice Tang to it got a nicesmoky earthiness to it all. The ingredients is fit together, beautifuland where's that smoke coming from it's coming from the bit, Bakonye de no, Idon't but I eat this it you right now like since I've givenup pork, it's the the two toughest things were baking and Pepperoni for me,okay and I've. Never! Yet until now found replacement bacon like Turkeyjust doesn't do it yeah! I to some in Turkey bake it a sorry ye I mean once you've had the real thingand then you try to I mean, because you want to be healthy, you'll sacrifice.You will be like. Oh this tastes good, but you're lying to yourself, and youknow that Real Bacon is the truth, and it's like very hard, and some peoplehave told me we'll try, beef bacon and I've tried it and it does have asimilar Chris, but the flavor okay, O a.

But this is different. I don't know howthis would be with eggs, which okay cool. I say, that's an ultimate. Youknow comparison there, because if you have pancakes and eggs with this baconand it fits the build and you're good but understand which this is damn good,damn a yeah, I think you nailed the name you'd like you, you were inspiredafter you took a bite of this right, an I'm working on it, I'm working! That'swhat Patrice! Thank you so much for joining us to the trees. We ask everyentrepreneur that comes through. What's your super power? What's your unfairadvantage as you started this business, so my dad's mother, my grandma was abutcher a yes, so I grew up in the house. Wedidn't eat pork, but my dad was making all kind of stufflike duck: Wood, orange, sowsand, trite, but liver and onions and egg planninglike a lot of different things, that's cool when I got to high school they'relike what is an egg plant. What is that like? Why you not know this is my normal, so I feel like it'sin my blood do cook to create to one to feed people like my grandmother did.She was also a pastor. Awesome, WE'RE ALL HERE FROM CLEVELAND. So that iswhat I feel like is my super power as I have it, it's all in there ye ready,ready, packed in right. That's what someting just packed in all the Love O.I love that's what you do. You love people and you love food and I love tofeed and Ye love the sandwich and if you keep making it like, this, peopleare going to love to eat your food yep. So you're definitely on par here thetrees. Congratulations and thank you so much for coming out today. This hasbeen a ball getting to know you more and getting to taste. This awesomesaying right. I just have one complaint: Why the hell haven't we been doing thismore of I don't get it? Okay, I'm ready allright rat food classroom. Let's keep it...

...going. Let's keep it going thanks for joining on the craft foodclassroom, podcast, where we help make food business simple at every stage ofgrowth brought to you by Pan c bank and central kitchen media to learn moreabout what we're doing visit us at the central dot kitchen. Please subscribeto this podcast to learn more about food entrepreneurs and their experiencein the craft food business t.

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