You can always taste love!
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You can always taste love!


Eric Diamond and co-host David Miller sit down in the Launchbox at The Central Kitchen with Anthony McGhaw with Comfort Zone Foods.
Wait until they taste his Southwestern Chicken Chili at 13:25.

"I love my family, some of them don't cook well so I had to figure out things on my own."

"You can always taste Love."


A welcome to the craft food classroompodcast, where we help make food business simple at every stage ofgrowth brought to you by P, NC Bank andcentral kitchen media, and now here's your host Eric Diamond. This is Erican David, bringing you thenext episode of the Craft Food Classroom, the podcast David, how youdoing my from I'm blessed and highly favor. It's I like that that one's agood one, that's a good one. I think we should go with that one I like it too,but listen gus I'll, never get to ask you how you're doing how are you doingI'm doing great, I mean a beautiful day outside and a what going on. We gotsome Chili cooking over here. Can't be that a I mean I mean: What else couldyou ask for nothing? This is called work. We have none other than AnthonyMcGaw. Is Me the founder operator and cure rator of comfort, zone foods andjust just getting back from where West a West, Africa and Gana- and he has- Ijust got to say this first and foremost before we get into it the most bangingegg roll, O corn, beef and Cabbage Castle Stop I mean this April in acause, fights amongst the family. Welcome to the Podesta. You I'm glad tobe here. Yeah good man, we're good we're glad to have you so tell us alittle bit about. You know the Chili that we have here today and then Wal.Actually, then es go back for let's go back further. Tell us about you! How doyou? How did you tell us a little story about you and how you even discoveredfood as a business? I have a natural affinity to food. Ijust I do. I started cooking at about eight, we wow. Well, I love my family.Some of them. Don't cook well figure, some things out of my own. Youright start with grilled cheese and then work your way up. I started thatchef internship at sixteen at the Mariotto El Society setter well, Daveand mark were the head shelfs over there at the time. Okay and I just kindof transitioned into the military. I didn't do any cooking there and I kindof lost my my thank for cooking. It was just a lot of food, a lot of people,industrial everything she right once I was out of the military. I picked itback up, but that's really is my true passion. I am a father of an adultchild, but at the time when I was trying to feed him, it was like he's astudent athlete and trying to feed them throughout the daybecause he didn't really kind of connect with the food in the lunchroomand thing so right yeah. So I would just like cook in bulk and freeze itand he was at school and in kind of like a a mill prapping right yeah. Sosome of his friends got a long lime start cooking extra, and then I gotreally confident with this particular Chile. I'm a tail gator and sometimesthe competition gets a little right. So yeah, so I did pretty well atthe like the Chili Cook, alls down in... the tail gates, and then I reallygot to a point where I maybe I should give us a try and get this in stores,and then I finck line and like the rest is history. That's all yeah, I rememberAnthony, took a class yeah yeah, a lot of information in that class. I just itwas worth it in the time, the money all of it so and it's still paying off good.So we're going to try your chilling a little bit, but David did mention theseegg roles that we have had. I didn't. How did that come about? I got like an INTERFECTI and it kind of makes sense. I I thoughtI came up with an original idea. Well, in my mind, you still have yeah yeah tookay, so it just made sense like corn, beef and cabbage cabbage and egg rollsit should work, and I tried it and I was like wow. This is a really a thing,so I did. I did what I normally do. I pass it out to some family members.They love did. I said: Well, it's just family. You know don't want to bruisemy ego, so I just random people I gave it out to and it was like man it's thebest thing I ever had talking about. I got so many plans in my mind. Let me tell you anthony, I got hip toyou and your food creations last year when we met, but I heard about theseegg rolls never tried them until most recently when we featured them in ourlove, local right, it wit. I happened to get a pack that didn't have theinstructions on it. Oh, so I first you know common sense. I like to hang outin the kitchen so at first I'm trying to think of the healthy way to make itput it up in the bank. It didn't work. I know yeah almost shatter my to then I put it in some grease to fry. Itthat's the way, but then I was wondering how long do you fry it? Canyou tell me so I know and all that wonderful folks at home when they getit, they know how to work it proper. Depending on the friar okay, I mean.Seventy nine minutes is that, right here, okay, depending on Friday, allright cool, so I've been about three minutes shy, but I tell you what I got to the pointwhere I busted open just get the inside. I get this gentleman to make me awhat's inside here. My is due. It is one of the best thingsI've ever had seriously. I can appreciate that absolutely thank you.So, besides cooking and creating some Dan good food, you en O em t, I am aparamedic for the city, Cleveland and field training, officer special topicsin strutter yeah, that's super cool Ye. Do that a long time! Yes, I got startedin two thousand and two one, the city since two thousand and five wow, that'sa lot. You have seen a lot O. I still see a lot o yeah, some of it's comicalor you it's just not all doom and gloom. Some of is like you got it in me.Called us out here for this, so how did the pandemic treat you andyour business? Oh, it was a bit brutal.

Like everything came to a screechinghalt in it it did and he just kind o weather storm serit by alittle bit. There's a few catering jobs. There were some benefits because peopleare at home and it's like. I can't go to a restaurant yeah. I don't Cook well,when you call somebody, you know you kind of find ways to create a littlebit of revenue here and there, and I'm still here, yeah good good for you andwe're glad for it. So what's your what's your plans for Your Business? Ohlooking at the end of the day, the mission is to get good food in grocerystores, for everyone to have access to, even if there is a possibility forrebranding to some degree sure I think that's a good thing at the end of theday. I just think these are products that are necessary because they're newand they're different yep that's the goal. He has to get it outthere something different, because everybody gets no title Mac and CheeRight Right, dragon different yeah, exactly right so have you? Are you inany retail yet not yet well, actually to K N K, ported sure all right andI've had my shot at at Constantino. So I'm going to keep working my hand overthere, Nice Nice cool, we're going to take a break and we're going to havesome Chile, that's cooking right now, and then I want to hear about Africawhen we get back O that'd be cool yeah, so this is Eric and David. We will beback, take a short break to listen to our sponsor pins bank. Talk to you soon. This podcast is brought to you by PansBank. For more than a hundred and sixty years, we've been committed toproviding our clients with great service and powerful financialexpertise to help them meet their financial goals. We are proud of ourlong standing history of supporting not only our customers, but our communityemployees and shareholders for more information on Pancake. Please visit WW P NC com. This is Eric and David. We are back,bringing you the craft, food classroom, the podcast, everyone doing all right,Ye, good cool, so antee before the break. We were talking about how hewent to Africa. Tell us all about that. Africa was an amazing trip. Initially Idid my ancestry and I found out that my paternal DNA comes from one particularplace in gone. So I'd made a trip and working with some guys from firedepartment. They had done some international training and came acrossa guy who is like the number three man on the National Fire Department therein so I reached out to him. He was very hospitable. He hosted me my first tripwell a kind of gave me a lot of insight to everything that was going on there.So it's like. I fell in love not only with like the people in the culture,but the food is something completely differed. It is it genuinely is theculture it leans into the food, of course, but I adapted to it like immediately so themore time that I was there, the more I made a decision to actually purchasesome land there, really someone, two thousand and nineteen. I purchasealmost two football fields quit the...

...lane wow right, which is kind ofridiculous to a sense. But ultimately I want to open up a guest house. Okay, it's just a a thing where I feel aconnection and a responsibility as well. So again, not that I I'm there more off,then I go every year, I'm starting to understand how these recipes work andyou're, meaning it because there's like a whole culture by each recipe, reallyyeah. So it's like I'm learning these things. It's like. I would love to kindof go into an international version of my company with with fools like thatvery able, but you don't want think of the time. Do you see yourself livingthere some day some day, really that that's the in Ganser? I got a lot oflife in front of ship. That's incredible! So talk to us aboutsome of the food: What's your favorite things over there that you pull joe ofrice. It is a west African. It doesn't matter what section of West Africa youfrom jol of rice is a known staple. Really now there's some fierce battle,just like chilly here. There's some batts nonow Geria. Does it better thanGanas Yer Leon? Does it better than whoever is just, but it doesn't matterwhat dialect you come from? It's just a staple and you immediately connect toit really. What makes that right. So it's a kind of like a fried rice withtomato based to it. Oh, I rest right right. So it's not like greasy, but isit's comfort food? It really is. Have you come back and started making someof it? I try I'm still working on that won't come out until I'm comfortable it.You know you got to fail a couple times. You know that's amazing. It was justcurious in the price of land over, there is acomparable here, cheaper, more more much, much to Er fordable, absolutelythat's cool! Absolutely fully amount of land that I purchasewas under ten Sandhya right, and that was at the time when I purchased it.This is now post corona and racism. Everything like chicken and soybeansand everything is exactly so yeah. It's a process care now, everyone'sexperiencing supply chain issues, a yeah cause. You know I think, or on theverge of inflation. Here, when you were over there, did you able to connectwith any relatives, not relatives. Well, you start establishing relationshipsand they become fare over course of time. You know what I mean, but this islike I said it's a journey and you know you got to be ready for anything a popup and we that's another connection hack. You know what you would you staywhen you were there and I quite a few places. Did you a cry is the is thecapital NA capital? CAPE COS is a very is slower. Okay, it's very nice Kumasi coped Oria. There are quite a fewplaces that I've been just absolutely, but I can't say that I had adisappointing moment in any place that really that's cool. You were there fora month. I was there for three weeks three week right, where's your land atit's in Cape Coast. Can I coast yes, and it's probably about ten fifteenminutes from the be- and I mean when I should have be to me. The Atlanta is, Imean genuinely, the water is beautiful...

...and it's calming a really. I just siton the beach and listen to water. It's amazing and you find everybody just tobe super welcoming and absolutely that's cool, absolutely and it's anEnglish week and country so kind of expressing yourself and communicatingisn't terribly difficult. Good Yeah just got to get through the accent.Yearth's awesome that no, I could Mensur adventurous spirit and that thatenergy inside of you, that wants to connect with your ancestry. That's a sothat's a commendable thing for yeah, absolutely yeah. We were talking aboutthat today. In the meeting we were having and one of our staff numbersbought that up like he can only go back through generations right unless hedoes it whole ancestry. That kind of thing which he's thinking about doing,but like some people in our on our staff, he can trace his heritage allthe way. Back to eighteen, forty, seven, a d, the first rin beggar came fromGermany over here, which is which is pretty cool. I am smelling some Chili that is makingme hungry our local chef, Berry, berry jar, bigenough cooking up something good, so you're going to take one more break andthen come back and try some Chili Yeah can't wait so we'll be back. This isEric and David with craft food classroom, the PODCAST. This is Eric. In David, we are backwith the craft food classroom, the podcast back, and it's always bettereric when we're back with the food in front of us is now we are at the pointin our podcast we're going to we're going to sample some of thissouthwestern chicken. Chile got some beans. I can spell delicious and staystraight that you know. If we're not smacking, it's not good M. I heard some grunts, that's that's serious! Now! This isgood. That's the Oh man! This is good. That's the reaction, I always very well,Oh, you know it's interesting because a lot of times when people are freezing food and then you unfree, youthought out and you heat it up right. It loses that seasoning yeah. This ispat with the seasoning. This that's from the heart yeah. You know, I told you we had a programwith the kids just yesterday and I told the kids, you can always taste loveyeah. You can always taste love yea tell when people took their time andthey you know you can really do it. Absolutely how long I take you todevelop a recipe like this. I developed that recipe on accidentbecause you realize to be completely honest. It was one of those days whereit's like as he today and then I didn't have to heat o stuff, I'm not just not going to the grocery store, Isaid: Well, you know what put it in the pot and work it out and it thishappened and I'm like well. Let me ask some of this and let me ask some ofthat and then now we had a whole situation and I actually it worked outto my benefit. I got a picky kid. I know I'm Ursin a duly still kind of aright, so it's like I can keep him interested in dishes like this becauseof his versatility, o. You know what... can do it over not chose you can doit over fries. I've done it with Christine's. I've done it in the Berito.I you can just find different ways to keep him interested well, at least inmy situation sure, but it works out. You know when you get at home. However,you want to go about it, you can, you can put it on the Sandal, give it ashot or an so tell us what's in here, okay, so Iuse white meat, chicken, black beans, there's onions, peppers and a varietyof seasons, but I wanted to kind of angle towards like that, like the Mexican style, a southwestappeal yeah, because it's just not out there like, I said I like differentthings. I get bored quick note think about. I guess the kid gets it on thisyeah. I know he must. He must get it out. There's is delicious, I'm glad you like.I know this is chalked full of chicken to yea yea yea. You didn't skip out oneday. This is, I mean the flavor of profile on this is just how do you makeany other place of Chile? Actually, I got a Gumbo against production onMonday night and even with the egg rolls I've developed a way to do a jerk,chicken and cabbage yeah, I'm trying to change in yeah I'm trying to change itall I just I I get bored quick and I know people get tired of eating thesame dog on sang. There used to be a guy a couple years back at the stadium.He had a Sol role and it was soulful of Egg Rom. I can't imagine, oh, that itwas delicious at he had some Greens in there a Ram I've had them before yeahyeah it was. It was amazing, on my mind, with this yeah he you know he got tired of doing and hewas an older gentleman an he stop. So there's you know you could I didn't. You knowthink about that, like you, don't think about stuff and other flavors in doinga ro yeah. All it is is a wrapper and it is to contain whatever you want toput one of my favorite raporte chef, literally rat, the rest of the Panoto,the Pan, and that is a high compliment, becauseBarry Jarvis is a chili kind of sewer. I is I thank you for that. I thank you,for He. Actually, we met vary by taking our class where E E was coming in withhis own full. What was it full animal full animal deity, so he yeah he's theone that actually exposed me to you know. Zack tells us all the time thatChili is chilly, but it doesn't doesn't necessarily qualify the Chile, youdon't need the beans and it not make it a chill a true, that's true. So whenBarry came- and he did this kind of similar to your South West Chicken, hehad it laid out on Tortis or was it like yeah like Tortis or like Fahian yeah,and it was kind of like just reach in and grab your own and eat. It and I'mlike that's, not the chilly. I recognize it's not chilly, I recognized,but every since that day it just kind of opened my eyes to all the differentthings that you could do with Chili, true yeah, and so this just lendsitself to so many other great things. I mean I'm looking at it, the consistencyof it. You know with the bowl of rice or maybe just using NACHO's to dip inthe EESA like there's so many options.

If you want to get jazz and do a caseof d how to it, they just the different applications so how much ill? What thatrun me right there that in the store you know sixteen out sixteen noces,that's two servins and it's like a whole pound of food. So we're talkingabout six, fifty in the store somewhere now per reasonable t yeah. It'sexcellent that is awesome feel like you're, giving it away yeah erasersDavid. Do you make any Chili this your traditional chilly, an like? I just dothe I haven't explored with now my I got to tell you this, my father in law,who hopefully don't listen to his podcast, but if they do they're, not the cooks, cooks theyenjoy. You know they're, the type that just like. Do you like the taste ofMeat Tin? Okay, take no season place, yeah, just juststraight farm raised. You know folks, and he he does he's experimented overthe course in the last five years, since I've been around with Chili,where he'll take different ingredients like salsa- and you know thesedifferent kind of sweet, corn and stuff and make this chilly, and I got to giveit to him. He makes one of the best traditional chilies M. I've ever hadjust with his like his experiment, rotation of Chili. For me, I, like amore of a spicy Chile Yeh, but I'm talking not this. This is thenext level. I've never used chicken. I I before yeah either a fucking ground,beef and Chili beans, right yeah, the traditional chilly, and we don't reallydo it. Often we just do it when they're snow flying yeah, that's Sam with us,but you know we we've got three different Chili recipes. We gothroughout our house, we get the traditional one and then more of aCincinnati style, which is he's typically sort of that over pasta. Andthen I just have a real, quick one that, like I actually made for the kids theother day, because they just wanted to throw it on Frios right well hold on,isn't it Tex Max? Is that Chili? What was it that this stuff jamie makes?What's that that she made for us? Oh my gosh, it's something kind of whatevershe made us, something I don't remember yeah. It's like it's like a chili withT, I think Macaroni and Oh, oh, she. She does her chill silly man, okay yea,so she makes her own back and cheese and then she makes her own chilly feellike that's a hit. That's a! I I'll tell you what so she went to a ChiliCook off and she took that and she won and all the other contestantswere like. Well, that's not fair. I mean T SHUMAC and cheat right with. I that's not fair with this that this is amazing. I M anthis. Is I've actually never had something like that in a Chili? It'sdelicious, I'm Goin, you I'm so amazed that it tastes so fresh yeah fromthat's what I was saying: Yeah like that's the that's just it goes from hotto cool to freezer, like wit, nothing is left standing right. So when you reheat it it's right what I you're using just top quality ingredients, exactlyyeah Brig, there's no doubt about that. He's! No doubt about that seriously. Ireally isn't Anthony. This has been so much fun. Thank you so much forbringing some samples of your food... I can't wait to see you on allthe shelves of Hidings and whole foods and a a right or you know it working onand then I will come visit you and in Africa and state your guess how right aright, Joe Joe Joe off Joe Right anything else David before we go.No, I just you know again, thank you, Anthony and we're honored to have youand thank you for your entrepreneurial spirit and all that you're doing in thefood scene here in Cleveland. We appreciate it and thank you forstopping in at the launch box enjoying us on the crap. We we had this Chili inthe love local box, yet we have we just we just we featured it. Last week I a sorry with our home style, yeas untilbeans collar green and yeah. It was a hit cool cool all right well until nexttime. This is Eric and David, bringing you the craft food classroom, thepodcast sponsored by Pinc Bank until next time, Pete peace thanks for joining on the craft foodclassroom, podcast, where we help make food business simple at every stage ofgrowth brought to you by Pan c bank and central kitchen media to learn moreabout what we're doing visit us at the central dot kitchen. Please subscribeto this podcast to learn more about food entrepreneurs and their experiencein the craft food business. I.

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